Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OBX 2012

Where do I start? It was lovely & wonderful, relaxing & tiring at the same time, full of family, friends, beach time, good food, happy chaos, family interventions, "firsts" for the boys... It was awesome.

I'm pretty sure I could write a book just on our travels TO places, and fill that book full before I even touched on how our time there actually was. This trip was no exception.

Here's the abbreviated version of our travels: Left friday night and drove three hrs to salisbury. We intended to split the 7 hour trip in half for the boys sake. We were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves when we pulled out of the hotel shortly after 9 a.m.  Saturday morning thinking we would arrive at the outer banks shortly after 1:00....
The trip was moving along quite well when we stopped in virginia beach to buy a new charger for our lap top (Isaiah sucked on the end of our old one and it doesn't work anymore) Shaun went in the mall with Drew and I nursed Isaiah in the car... when Shaun still wasn't back when I was finished I thought I'd run in and use the bathroom quick. He came out to the car while I was still inside and called me when he found the car locked and me missing. Keep in mind that his hands were full of Drew (who was shoeless at the time) and several bags while he was talking to me. I got out to the car, we buckled in the boys, and took off, anxious not to waste anymore time. 9 miles and about twenty minutes later Shaun started looking for his phone to order lunch at a little caesars. He couldn't find it. I jokingly said "You didn't like, leave it on the roof or something did you?" When he looked at me I was like "No. No you didn't. Say you're joking." He wasn't. We back tracked to the parking garage at the mall, through the parking lot, and onto the highway. An hour and a half later, we FOUND THE PHONE! sitting just off the edge of the white line on a two lane ramp onto the highway. Happy, but sad we were still in virginia beach, we kept going. Got to a toll, all lanes shut down due to accident ahead. Thankful we were not in the accident. Waited another twenty minutes. Through the toll. Hit four miles of traffic that took an hour to get through. Through the traffic. Three miles from our beach house. I texted my mom ecstatically telling her we were almost there. Another hour later, with the beach house in sight, we waited at the last traffic light forty more minutes til we finally got through. I was having a melt down. Then I realized my two year old was handling the time in the car better than I was, and I tried to shape up. We got through the light. Pulled into the driveway. I jumped out of the car. My knees buckled. Sitting too long in the same position. 5:00 p.m. We were there. This was the same day where God woke me up at 5:30 a.m. and I wrote this post. It had been a long day, BUT we were there, with a whole week of beach in front of us. How's that for an abbreviated version? ;)

 Here's our house:

Had as many as 21 (or maybe more) people staying at once. 

Favorite Beach Photos

Favorite Family Photos: 

Favorite Foods of the trip: 

cinnamon rolls made out of bagel dough. 
Sweet Frog 

Lovin' his frozen yogurt

Favorites of me and my man:

Mini golf date with my sister and two of her friends. 
Making dinner together. Chicken etti

Our old time photo of the week. 

Favorite Moments of the Trip: 

Sitting on the beach in the evening just me and Shaun while my parents watched the boys. 

Poolside family Intervention. Thank you, psychologist Nan. I can never fully put this memory into words. It was entertaining, enlightening, and very helpful. "Don't supress, kindly express." jet in the bathing suit. communication. 

Watching Drew come to love the ocean and learn to swim by himself in the pool. 

Getting to know Eric's friends. 

Petting a shark. (Not me personally, but others in our group who were braver than I...) Not too cool that he came right out of the ocean we were swimming in though...

Doing my hair and make up at the bathroom mirror next to my sister with my mama standing in the doorway talking to us. 

Dance party in the wings store when me my mom and sister went shopping. 

Laughing til we cried mini golfing. 

Talking about our high school days standing in the waves with my sister. 

Taking "What I Wore" pictures with my sister. (Doing my first post on that tomorrow!)

Seeing my mom and dad so happy when they got to hug their grandboys every morning. 

So much more, but I have to stop somewhere. 

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