Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday night (family night)

This was my facebook status after our spontaneous family night on friday: 

"Friday night Perfection! (note: translate the word "perfection" loosely here... it was my idea of perfection anyway.) Dinner on the back porch (it was just leftovers, but i didn't have to cook!) Isaiah's first ice cream (but he loved it so much he cried between every bite because i couldn't get it to him fast enough) Trip to the park for Drew to play on the slides, which he LOVES (but he pooped without us knowing, and after consecutive trips down the slide it squished out onto his shorts, at which point we realized we were so very caught up in the spontaneity of the evening that we neglected to bring the diaper bag with us... so we improvised and made wipes out of spare napkins from the glove box and drew proceeded to finish his park fun in just an elmo diaper...) Like I said, Friday night perfection. :)"

Here are the phases of Isaiah's first taste of ice cream. 

"that was good!" 

taking my spoon. 

indignant when i took my spoon back. 

Like a baby bird when I would give him more. 

There should be photos of Drew going down the slide here.... but I already mentioned what happened with that....

The wagon happened to be in the back of the car from a photo shoot I did earlier in the day, so Shaun got it out and took the boys on a walk around the pond. This was status post Drew with no pants. 

My babies :) 

Playing bottomless street hockey. 

Beautiful sky before heading home. 

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