Sunday, June 17, 2012

out growing the guitar case

Shaun's first father's day. 

Shaun's third father's day.

To Shaun: You are an amazing father. Your patience, your gentleness, the way you play, teach, encourage, and love on our babies is just awesome. I love doing this whole parenting thing with you. Our boys are so blessed to have you as their daddy. I hope they grow up to be just like you. I love having you as the leader of our family. I love you with all my heart. (And so do they!)

To my Dad: Thank you for being an awesome father to me!! You never missed a thing in my life, you always worked so hard for us, wanted the best for us, counseled us, loved us, and prayed us through everything. You are a warrior for our family, and I am so blessed to be one of your kids. I'll always be your little girl. :) Love you so much Daddy!!!

Happy Father's Day Everyone!! 

p.s. Shaun, if we have any more, I think we're going to need to get a bigger guitar case.... ;)

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