Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas "mantle"

 Today there is going to be a Christmas mantles link party at The Lettered Cottage , one of my favorite interior design blogs. :) So if you like getting a little glimpse into the beauty of other people's homes at Christmas time, or just want some inspiration you should take a look :) 

We don't have a fireplace, so we don't technically have mantle... But there is this gorgeous, very sturdy cream shelf that the previous owners left in our living room, and I call it my mantle :) 

Here it is as of this morning: 

The past two years we've been here we have had our tree and stockings in our living room. This year we put them in our finished basement family room. So I decided to be a little playful with my "mantle" here. I kept some of the things I already had on it and I used lots of subtle, faded, gloriously vintage color plus a touch of whimsy :) 

That sign was the first thing that went up in our new home. It means a lot to us and is our declaration over our family. I have kept it hanging there no matter how I've decorated the shelf.

When Shaun and I got married my grandmother gave us a box of ornaments her and my Poppop used in the 1950's when they first got married. They are now my favorite ornaments EVER. I'd love to have a whole tree decorated in ornaments from the 50's one day, and so far have added one more box to my collection (thanks to ebay and my talented bidding husband!) However, the box from my grandmother will always be the most special.
The ornaments in the vase are from the ebay purchase. Aren't they lovely?? 

Love the red candy canes in the blue cup. Plus one of my cameras from my antique camera collection. (photographer + lover of vintage = antique camera collector...)
Most of the books are ones my mom had gotten from antique stores when she was my age and younger. 

And then that garland! The pom poms remind me of little snowballs and it adds the perfect amount of Christmas whimsy in my opinion. :) Found it at Michael's in the yarn section. A couple dollars for 5 yards. I have a bit leftover and am excited to see what else it will become someday... 

And a view from further back... 

Not only do my boys like things their size, so do I. :) 

The Lettered Cottage


  1. I like your mantel and the glass vase full of vintage ornaments. I think it is perfect!

  2. thank goodness they left that shelf! love it with the pops of red and the camera!

  3. So I found your blog through the link party. I spent awhile reading through a lot of your posts (most of which are so inspirational) and then I realized that I graduated from LMH with your sister-in-law, Brittany. Can you say small world?!?! What are the odds of that? So anyway, after that, I'm like, "I totally need to follow this blog." So that's what happened :)

    Thanks for sharing such awesome thoughts,


    1. That is too funny!! Definitely a small world! I'll have to tell Brittany! :)

  4. This is great! I like your style. Kelly