Thursday, August 2, 2012

just my two cents on fashion.

So I got a new fall fashion look book in the mail today... and I love all the lace, texture and metallic I'm seeing :) I've definitely noticed a trend toward metallics/sequins/shiny in my own wardrobe... so at least I know I'm headed the right direction :) And lace: timeless, feminine, beautiful... love it. 

Speaking of lace... This has been a go-to outfit for me lately. 

Lace top: express
Brown tank: hollister
cutoffs: american eagle
flip flops, necklace and feather earrings: american eagle. 

I dressed up the same outfit by switching out the cutoffs for an olive green mini skirt. And I'm thinking I want to try the lace top over a royal blue tank (my current favorite color) with my light wash straight leg ripped jeans... Maybe add pearls as my accessory? Anyways... the point is, go-to outfits/pieces of clothing are wonderful. I debated even getting this top, it was $15 and I was trying to not spend much. But considering it is the only part of this outfit that is new (everything else is from at least several years ago, besides the feather earrings which are only one year old), and it's inspiring me to pull out other things I have from years ago to pair with it, I think it was a good investment. :) 

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