Wednesday, October 31, 2012

favorite looks this season & getting rid of old theories

My current favorites when it comes to fashion: lace, blazers, gold, ripped jeans, cognac. Maybe all together?? :) 

Ripping apart my old ripped jeans theory: 
I used to think ripped jeans were only supposed to be worn with sweatshirts or casual outfits... Then I thought maybe as a mom I shouldn't wear ripped jeans... But it turns out I don't think either of those things anymore. In fact, I think the opposite. Somehow I discovered that I REALLY like my ripped jeans best dressed up. Like with either a sequin tank, or lace top, or a blazer. Somehow the opposites work together for me quite nicely. 

Here's an example: 

blazer: h&m last winter. Black lace tank: express clearance, ages ago. ripped jeans: american eagle. ankle boots: aldo, also from years ago. black rosette earrings: from my sister. 

And here's the same blazer with a totally different outfit: 

cream dress: h&m last winter. Necklace: gift from ashly for my birthday several years ago, I think it's from ae. Gold peep toe shoes: my mom's closet. handsome, amazing husband: sorry, there's not another like him anywhere! 

The other theory I'm getting rid of: I used to think things had to match. But they don't. They just have to look good together. That rule that you can't wear black and brown together? Nope, I'm not buying it anymore (just look back at the first photo for evidence) That idea that all shades of the color on your person should be identical? Uh uh, not going with that one either. This sometimes is scary to me. No fashion rules?? That means I'm not confined to a box anymore. And that means that that top that I've had for years and always worn with the same skirt over and over because it was the only thing with the same shade of blue in it can go with anything now! (anything, that is, that looks good with it.) But wait, who says whether or not it looks good?..... YOU! That's the fun part :)  (also- please notice everything in both outfits in at least one year old if not 6 or more years old. This new way of thinking has inspired me to try pieces I've had for a long time in new ways, and makes me feel like I just went shopping even though I didn't spend a dime! I think Shaun is a fan of this theory-demolition of mine and doesn't even know it yet.)

(thank you to my sister for inspiring me in the art of non-matching fashion!- i love you :) )


  1. fun stuff, and I love your H&M blazer. I frequent Wendy's Lookbook for color inspiration and outfits ( - she's amazing (and so is her story).

    1. oo! good to know! i always like new inspiration sources :)

  2. Love your looks and I agree with your fashion breaking rules! LOVE the ripped jeans dressed up!