Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The bedroom situation in our house has been in full blown transition mode the past few weeks (or maybe months).

You might remember that Drew & Isaiah slept in our bed for the past year and a half. Well one of my goals was to transition them to their own room before baby comes. This involved moving Isaiah into Drew's room, setting up a double bed, buying a new box spring and matress and sheets for the bed, and then getting them to want to sleep in there. It has gone much more smoothly than I thought it would. It just so happened that we painted our bedroom and got the final piece for their new-to-them bed (the boxspring) on the same day. So we all slept in Drew and Isaiah's room that night since our room smelled like paint. I think having this little sleepover in there helped, but besides that we basically took our same routine but did everything in their room instead of ours. Teeth brushing, pajama changing, bed time story reading by lamp light, a fan, soft music... And for now I stay in their room with them for about twenty minutes until they are both asleep. Another unplanned thing that seemed to help was the fact that Drew no longer naps (not by our choice) but this means he's so tired by bed time that he falls asleep really quickly without even thinking about putting up a fight about where he's sleeping. The first week or so I usually got up about three times a night because one of them would wake up crying, or stuck between the side rail and the matress, or one had rolled on top of the other, etc. Now the only time I wake up is if Drew comes into my room in the middle of the night and asks me to come snuggle in his bed with him. Occasionally we wake up in the morning and Isaiah has come into our room sometime in the night and is sleeping in between us. But it has been SO NICE to have some time to ourselves in the evenings once they are asleep. I will never regret the family sleepovers, but I'm ok with moving on when it's time for a new season, and it was time. :)

It makes me feel good that they still have another 10 weeks or so to adjust to this chance and for it to become our new normal before baby gets here. Now I'm working on the nursery (previously Isaiah's room). Isaiah still naps in there, but the next change on the list will be getting him to nap in him and Drew's room. We moved our rocking chair and Drew's old bed into the nursery besides already having the crib and changing table in there. I'm rearranging the wall art/photos etc and just starting to go through my infant boy clothes. Today I took apart the bassinette and washed all the blankets and sheets that go with it. So slowly but surely we're getting there. Here are a few pictures of the changes we've made :)

 The old iron bed frame is from Shaun's grandparents. I bought new red sheets that feel like soft t-shirt material, and I was able to make the single quilt that I already had from pottery barn fit the double bed. It's short on the sides but that works perfectly with the side rail needing to tuck in between the matress and box spring anyway. I'll always love that vintage license plates clock I found on Amazon. 
 And this is what the room looks like when it's actually in use. (Always trying to remind myself as a mom to see their creativity instead of their mess... Here they were using their toy box as a boat and fishing with the cords on the ends of their pretend microphones...) 

Here's a peak at our new wall color in our bedroom. It was called twilight gray, but looks much more blue-ish in real life... it's exactly the calming color I was hoping for and I'm so happy with how it came out! 

My bedside table: 

Shaun's bedside table. See that little green sticker on the corner? It says $24.99 on it. I found this sitting in the front of goodwill when I specifically went there looking for a table for Shaun's side of the bed. It was brand new from target with the tags still on it. There is a tiny scratch on the back side that faces the wall. I looked it up online and it is normally $89.99. I just absolutely love it... There's a little tray that slides out above the drawer, and there's a shelf along the bottom. Here's the link to it at Target. 

 I plan on showing our whole room with before and afters (and the boys whole room) once I finish up a few more projects (including a new jewelry storage system for me made from pieces we already had) The only new thing I bought for our room (besides the paint) was that little palm tree over on Shaun's bedside table. $2.89. Not too bad... 

It feels good to have all the furniture moved that needs to be for now, and just be working on the smaller details. :) 

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