Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Williams Family

This past Saturday evening I got to take family photos for the Williams' family. SUCH a fun experience! Not only are Mary and Tyler patient and loving parents, but their kids (Leah- 2 1/2, and Ryan- 4 months) are absolute sweethearts and were a total breeze to work with. 
I met Mary at my Bible study last fall, and really admired her genuine spirit and her love for her little family that was so evident in everything she said. This was the first time I got to meet her little man Ryan, who she was pregnant with when I first got to know her. Another fun fact, when we were talking about how her and Tyler met they told me they were high school sweethearts. I then asked where they went to high school and over the course of conversation we discovered that we were all at the same homecoming dance but just didn't know each other back in 2001! (I went to a different school's homecoming instead of my own my freshmen year of high school) Small. World. !! I just love crazy connections like that :) 

Anyway, in just one hour spent with their family we came away with some really beautiful photos of who they are as a couple, as parents, as a family. The word genuine just keeps coming to mind over and over, they just really love and enjoy each other and it was so natural and laid back taking pictures of them just being together :) 

So here are some of my favorites from their session:

Let me just say, their daughter has the most AMAZING blue eyes!! 

Love the ones where I got everybody looking and smiling :) 

Look closely at Leah in this next series of three. Hehe :) 

love the one below. 

My favorite of the four of them: 

This one is very similar to the one above, except look at Leah's adorable expression! 

Holding onto her daddy. 

This is the second time I've experimented a little with a mirror in a photo shoot, and I really love the fun shots that come out of it! 

A few of just Leah. 

Below: one of my absolutely FAVORITES from this session. She is such a doll!! Look at that perfect little face! 

Pure girly-ness below and I LOVE it!! 

And a few of just Ryan: 

Loved his cute little smirk like in the one below on the right. 

Mary's parents came along to help out however they could, which made it perfect to end with some pictures of just Mary and Tyler. Her parents took the kids up to play at the playground and we got some gorgeous shots of just the two of them :)  

I'm so glad you guys asked me to do your family pictures for you, it was truly a pleasure the entire time!! It made my heart happy to watch your little family interact with each other, and I hope these pictures will become wonderful memories for you in the future as your babies grow :) 

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