Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Maska Family Photos 2013

I feel like every year when I take my best friend Ashly's family photos I raise my bar of expectations to a new level. I love brainstorming with her about outfits and location and ideas, and then making it come to life. Her boys are SUPER active, and I always joke that I spend most of my time chasing them around, but somehow you would never know that from looking through the final result of their shoot. 
Ashly & Ricky are such a gorgeous couple, and it's no wonder their boys, Chase and Nolan are so adorable too. They definitely make it easy to take pretty pictures :) 
I love how she chose to use pops of purples and greens, and the location was one I've been wanting to use for a while. We got a beautiful evening and perfect time of year to use this dock and canoes. Plus their Wheaton Terrier Bentley came along, and he is the sweetest :)I am so, so happy with how their session came out, and I hope you have fun looking through some of my favorites too! 
(To see last years photos click here)

I feel like the above picture should be a magazine cover for something.... 

Pretty ducks swimming by. 

I love the one above!!! 

These are the kind of moments I love to capture, totally unposed, real life. 


Waving Goodbye :) 

As always, thank you guys for having me take these for you. And for driving back and forth from the park a million times once we realized I locked my keys in the car during the shoot.... (true story.) Love you all so much! 

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