Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Maska Family

Ashly has been my best friend since middle school. She is the kind of best friend that knows everything about me. She is the kind of best friend who I can be completely honest with. We know we can fight and make up. (And oh boy, have we had our fights!) We know we have been through just about everything together and always come out on the other side still friends. It's so refreshing when you can be yourself 100% around someone and you know they'll still love you. She's seen me at my worst and at my best and it doesn't make a difference. We are the kind of friends that call each other between contractions when we're about to deliver a baby. We are the kind of friends that feel more like sisters. We grew up down the street from each other. We wore each other's clothes. We like the same foods. We have similar taste when it comes to decorating our houses, what we consider fun, what styles we like. We both have two boys. Growing up we were the oldest in families with two girls and a boy. We are blonde haired, blue eyed girly girls that also love sports and being outside too. Our handwriting is similar. We get asked if we are sisters all the time. So do our moms.  We started dating our future husbands about a month apart from each other. We both got married in September, a year apart almost to the day. It's pretty crazy, really. 

So naturally, I was super, SUPER excited to do her family photos this year, seeing how we think alike and like the same things and all, I knew we would be on the same page. I loved the outfits she chose, and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day or more amazing location. So, let me introduce you to Ashly, Ricky, Chase, and Nolan Gray. They are one beautiful family, and I love them so much :) 

Ah!!! these two adorable boys!!! they melt my heart just looking at these photos! 

My best friend is gorgeous too.... did I mention that? 

And so is her son... :) 

love love love love this one. 

saying goodbye to the water. 

The boys did great, I was so proud of them! (Ricky, too) :) 

Love you guys so much, thank you again for asking me to do your pictures. :) 

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