Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Laundry Room Makeover

I've been saying I would post this forever, so I finally am... :) I have a list in my mind of our home makeover projects and one by one we are working our way to the biggest one... re-doing our kitchen! But since the laundry room is tiny and less labor intensive, that one came first :) So I chose this super pretty shade of turquoise/mint (called aqua glow by Valspar, this color, sprinkle by Valspar, was what I was originally going to go with but they didn't have that at Lowe's when I went.) No matter, I love how aqua glow came out. It felt super risky to do this bold of a color... I normally stick to grays, neutrals, or very very soft blues.... But the laundry room seemed like the perfect place for such a fresh, clean color. I never could quite capture the exact color through my pictures... there is no direct natural light to this room so that made it tough. The photos without the lights on are the closest to the true color though. I would still like to add a tiny chandelier and change out the door from the kitchen to the laundry room with an antique door (maybe from the house that Shaun's great grandpa built that was just remodeled!!) But we will see. One thing at a time :)

Let's start with the "after" picture, because, well, it's the prettiest :)

Here is the before. Not awful, but much more blah. And the walls were pretty beat up just from our almost 4 years of living here.

I keep my vintage quilt collection up above the cabinet in here and this is where I've made lemonade from the no-natural-light-in-this-room-lemons. Because no direct natural light means no fading of the quilts. And they are such beauties. One was hand stitched by Shaun's great-great grandma on his grandfather's side, one was hand-stitched by his great grandma on his grandmother's side. The others are vintage finds from etsy that I use for photo shoots, and one that my mom found for me in a boutique down south somewhere... :)

Another "before" angle...
And the "after" angle
 The one wicker basket holds dirty laundry from downstairs, the other holds cleaning supplies. We keep our boys most used shoes on the washer to be able to easily put them on right before we get in the car to go somewhere. (The laundry room leads to the garage) The purple container is from thirty one, and I have my file box for bills and other miscellaneous things in there... It might be finding a new home soon but for now I pull it out to work on things at the counter in the kitchen when I need it and it's nice and handy.

After!!! :)
I added the old two-seater bike print once I put the hooks and other frame back on the wall.
Here are a few with the lights on, not as true to wall color but you can see other details better that way.
My beautiful beautiful quilts!
Love this little row of hooks I found for our keys at target.  "Keys and Stuff..." There used to just be command strip hooks here that were perfectly functional, but not that pretty... since I had to take them down to paint anyway I figured I'd go ahead and replace them. 

The mail organizer was from pottery barn outlet. It didn't have the gear to hang it on the wall properly... so Shaun found a small dowel rod (spray painted silver) and I used twine and lace to hang it. $14.99 instead of $45.00. Yes please. (It was from my mom for my birthday a few years ago. She let me pick out a few things from the outlet cause she's awesome) 

The cute little stud push pins I used to hang the bike print are by Nate Berkus for target. Adorable. They come in a pack of 12, 6 gold, 6 silver.

I will say, I thought this room would be so fast to paint... But it actually took three days. One day to paint the trim, one day to cut in, and one day to paint the three walls not behind the washer and drier, then let them dry, then move the washer and dryer out to paint behind them, let that dry, then move them back. Not easy painting by yourself with three kiddos... but definitely doable if you are determined. :) ;)
So there ya go, a little laundry room tour for you. :)

Hopefully we'll be on to the kitchen sooner than later. But if not I am ok waiting too. The process is part of the fun. And you appreciate it so much more when it's done.

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