Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Outfits & Wineberries & Weddings (Oh my!)

Yes, I have been busting out all my summer skirts with pockets lately... They are so fun and comfy. And you already know my undying love for a skirt or dress with pockets... :)
This was what I wore to church this past Sunday. The black and white striped shirt is actually a form fitting tunic length top... It is so versatile and can be worn with leggings or tucked into a skirt or scrunched up and worn as a regular t. I got it a few years ago for only 4 dollars!

Black & White stripe shirt: Forever 21
Yellow Skirt: Anthropologie Clearance (3 years ago)
Gold Sandals: Shoe Carnival (2 summers ago)
Gold Starfish earrings: J. Crew Outlet (4 years ago)

Sunday night we went for a very spontaneous wine berry hunt (that resulted in almost 3 quarts of berries) It was so spur of the moment that we decided to go that I didn't even change my clothes.... just put on my rain boots instead since I knew we'd be climbing hills along the side of the road in knee high weeds... I actually really liked the whole rain boots and skirt combo.... :) The rain boots were a Christmas gift from my bestie this past year. :)
Speaking of fun outfits though.....
 My cousin Nate and his wife Natalie had their wedding a little over a week ago. The invitation encouraged the wearing of cowboy boots.... How fun!!! :)
We obliged. :) I love my beautiful mama. :)
My dress: Target (last fall- only $8!!!)
My boots: Clarks (Christmas gift from my parents back in 2007...)
My necklace and earrings: AE forever and ever ago... like Shaun and I were on one of our earliest dates together when I bought the necklace with him. I think 2004??
My mom's dress: Loft (I think!)
My mom's boots: I'm not sure.... sorry!
A few more photos from their wedding that I love... We had a babysitter for Drew and Isaiah but I still can't be away from Jaden for too long. He still nurses every couple of hours. He looked so handsome in his suspenders!! :)

And switching topics entirely... If you want to know how I'm making our house homey these days it's by bringing in flowers from our garden and adding lots of green. Every couple days I empty and re-fill about 4 or 5 bud vases in different spots in our kitchen, dining room and living room.
I love Pellegrino with lime. When I got some at the store the other day I had it sitting on the counter and just couldn't put it in the pantry out of sight, it was too pretty. So I set up a tray on our buffet and brought in fresh mint from our garden and out it in a pitcher of water. It looks so summer to me.
This is our coat closet... it's in the dining area. Shaun got me that plant in the lower right corner for Mother's day and it has grown so much just since then! The pretty over the door hook was from my mom. And I just got the baby boxwood wreath to hang on it. I love it because the green feels like summer, but boxwood is great to decorate with at Christmas time too, so I feel like it's a year round piece.

 I embellished the little white mirror hanging next to the closet door with some raffia and little banner letters I made spelling grace.... Just used hot glue to attach it all. The mirror was from my Mommom's garage when she was cleaning out and donating things before she moved into the retirement home she lives at now.
Someday I will show the laundry room on here.... And our next house project is our kitchen re-do... painting the cabinets white, adding a subway tile back splash and re-panting the walls. Not sure when it's happening exactly, but I am just excited that it is in the works. :)


  1. Jessi, you are my life:)!

    1. You are the sweetest :) Love that we share such similar taste in so many things :)