Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Florals & Pearls

I have been having a lot of fun taking photos of what I wear... But I didn't take a single photo this week. Then this morning I was about to clean my room and realized pretty much everything I wore all week was piled at the foot of my bed... so before I put stuff away I laid it out and took some photos first. It was cool to do this and line up a whole weeks choices... I feel like all of the sudden I see my style pretty clearly. Because we had a busy week I actually got dressed more than... twice.) And apparently without even realizing it I was really feeling the florals and pearls this past week... :) 

Just so you know, these outfits are in no particular order.... or at least not the order I actually wore them. I guess they're just in the order I cleaned them up this morning. ;) 

(worn for an evening out at a cafe) 

Sequin Top: J. Crew (gift)
Skirt: AE in 2010
Sandals: Urban Outfitters (birthday gift this year. I love the contrast they give when paired with a "dressier" outfit...) 
Necklace: Pearls N Joy (proceeds fund families trying to adopt)

(worn to church) 

Dress: Macy's this past winter... My favorite purchase ever because it rang up at $0 and they weren't sure why, so they just let me have it!! 
Pearl Bracelets: I have no idea where they are from because I have had them forever and ever
Flats: AE just this past spring 

(worn for a photo shoot) 
T-shirt: J. Crew in 2010 
Lace Shorts: Ross last year (birthday gift from my sister) 
Sandals: AE this past spring

(worn to family dinner)

Polka Dot Button Up: Target, winter 2012
Lace Shorts: Same as above 
Sandals: Same as above

(worn to run errands one morning) 

Dress: Target (2007) 
Sandals: Urban Outfitters

(worn to girls night at my sister in law's super adorable newly remodeled house)

Plaid Button Down: Target (just this week!) 
Boyfriend shorts: Target (earlier this summer... these are my favorite shorts ever. so comfy) 
Sandals: Urban Outfitters

(worn  on Saturday to a cookout and then to dinner at great friends of ours)
Navy tank: No idea... it's old
Striped skirt: AE this past spring
Sandals: AE this past spring

So there ya go.... looks like this week's run down was made up mostly of target, j. crew and american eagle.... Target is definitely one of my favorite clothing stores :) I think I wore my pearl stud earrings with every outfit you see above. 

Something you maybe don't know about me... in 2006 I lost a pretty significant amount of luggage while on an r.v. trip with my family. Like, a giant duffle bag packed with all my favorite jeans, t-shirts, steven madden cowgirl boots, turquoise jewelry, sandals, cold weather wear, warm weather wear, hoodies, glasses, sequin tops... you name it. (Clearly I was not a very efficient packer.... I had pretty much just taken my whole closet with me.) But the bag literally fell out from under the r.v. while we were driving. We didn't realize til later. We drove back looking for it but never found it. :( It kind of gave me a platform to build fresh from though. So that is why most of what you will see me wearing is from 2007 on. I try to only buy things I think I will love for years, and I keep my clothes forever. I usually add a couple new things each season. And they all work with things from years ago. And that ends my random fact sharing. :)

We've had this unexpected spell of cool weather (in the low 70's!) this week and it's made me so excited for fall... it was also the inspiration for the button ups with shorts :) My porchulacas seem to really be enjoying the cool weather too. Love them... they look like poppies meet succulents to me. :) 


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    1. Yes, love them!! they still have them and they are on sale now :)

      i got rose gold but the tan are cute too!