Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Autumn Rain: Senior Photos

This shoot. This shoot. It is so beautiful. All because of the girl whose personality and beauty I was privileged to capture. Autumn is only 16 years old, but she carries a maturity, grace, and depth to her that is rare to find in anyone, let alone someone her age. She has survived great heartache, losing her daddy tragically just two years ago, but she has allowed it to make her stronger instead of defeating her. She is making choices for her future to prevent similar losses for others. She has such a huge heart. Besides possessing absolutely stunning natural beauty, she is determined, passionate, self-disciplined, trustworthy, and gives her time volunteering to help others... She has such a natural way with animals (you'll get to meet her puppy Journey in the photos below)... when we took pictures in the water at the end even the ducks all swam up to be near her. Without further adieu, meet Autumn:

Her tattoo means "overcoming hardships."


I thought it seemed fitting to take some of her blowing sparkles into the air.... To me it represents all the bright pieces of her future still ahead of her.

She wanted to include her daddy's memory in the photos in some way, so we took some photos of he with his urn. My heart was breaking. He might be gone from this earth, but he is still alive in her heart.
We took some in her cap and gown, and a t shirt and jeans too before she changed back into the white dress for our final photos.

We ended the shoot with very spontaneous pictures of her actually getting into the water... her aunt was along and she suggested it. When Autumn said she was cool with it, I was so excited!! The following are some of my favorite images ever.

I already shared this story on facebook when I posted this picture, but it's worth repeating. Autumn's mom was holding Journey's leash up the hill away from the water while I was taking pictures... but when he saw her getting into the water without him, he broke free and ran down the little beach to her, jumping in the water, splashing, and climbing all over her. He just wanted to be with his girl. This picture that I caught in the midst of that crazy just melts my heart. It's my favorite picture from the night.
I love these below as well....

And after she got out of the water I looked back and saw the sunlight coming through that arch of trees so beautifully I just had to take a couple more... I can't believe how gorgeous she is even right after getting out of the bay and getting her hair all wet....

Autumn I wish you all the best in your senior year. Keep going for your dreams and being your lovely self... I am so honored to have met you and your family. There are big things ahead for you girl.

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