Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cafe Kitchen

I love cafes. The good artisan breads and interesting combinations of foods, the fresh baked pastries, the smell of coffee, the laid back atmosphere, the artsi-ness... Now that I'm analyzing my kitchen, my style, and why I like what I like, I'd have to say my biggest influence is probably the cafe feel. 
I love to cook/bake, I love to try new things, I love functional and beautiful working together, I love photography, I love Scripture. So the top view of our kitchen shows a little of what I've done so far. I love the vinyl word decals, and I'd like to get another one to put above the closet door that you can see at the far right. The one you can see in the photo says "everyday holds a possibility of a miracle" and was from my friend Meghan. :) 

Then there's the chalk board. I feel like it had a big sticker on it that said "from: Jesus, to: jessi." I have been looking for a chalk board to go in that spot for about 6 months, comparing prices, trying to find the best deal, but knowing that they had exactly the one I was looking for at pottery barn. I wanted it to be big, hang vertically, and be framed in black. I couldn't find exactly that anywhere else. So finally, after Christmas, when I said some Christmas money to spend, I decided to just peek in at the pottery barn outlet and see if they had a discounted chalk board similar to the one I wanted. They had ONE. marked down 30% from in store prices. Plus an additional 10% off that day only. And it had a tiny nick in the frame, so they gave me another 10% off. Which put it into the exact price range I was willing to spend. :) Right now it has Phil. 4:6-7 written on it. I'd like to change up the verse pretty often. Obviously I am very excited about my chalkboard, or I wouldn't have taken a whole paragraph to write about it. We are finally going to get a house phone number, and when we do I'd like to hang a retro looking black phone on the wall next to the chalkboard where we already have a phone jack. 

And then there's the display of my photography. (mostly close-ups of food) I have several differently sized black frames, and just hung them in a row almost down to the base board. I have another set of four that I am going to put on the wall around the corner from the chalkboard, I'll have to post another photo once I do that. I just love it cause it's a little unexpected. :) 

Lastly, my tiny palm tree. Gotta love what plants add to a room. 

And that's what I'm loving about our "Cafe Kitchen" so far. :) 

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