Friday, January 20, 2012

less is more

My mom has always been a "less is more" kind of person. She likes simple, uncluttered, no junk kind of life. This is great, but it takes effort to keep your house uncluttered, an effort that I was not very practiced in until now. I am finally finding the time (and joy!) in having a house that is organized, keeping only what we need or love, and letting go of the rest.

So far this month has been a time of purging for me. I have gone through our master bedroom closet and all my drawers and Drew's room so far. It was already on my to-do list, but while my sister in law (brittany jayne :)) has been home she was helping my mother-in-law with similar stuff. Brittany and I had a conversation about how do you know what to keep and what to get rid of. Brittany said if she hasn't worn it in the past year, if she doesn't love it, if it's not her style anymore, she lets it go. Having some guidelines like that was the thing I needed to get me going. Right after I cleaned out my closet I read a 31 day series about having a "no brainer wardrobe" and it just reinforced all my decisions to part with some clothing. I still have more stuff to go through and get rid of, but what I've done so far feels great, and I thought I'd share the link to the 31 day series on here in case anyone else could use some help in this area!

Click here to go to the "no brainer wardrobe" series. This should take you to a list of posts, click on "the plan" and read that first, then click newer entries at the bottom of the page to see the next list of posts. Go through them chronologically for them to make the most sense. Have fun simplifying!!! :)


  1. My husband and I have this conversation all the time! Not just about clothes, but everything in our house. Why can't we just get rid of more stuff?!? The process of decluttering and organizing can take a while...but it feels so good when you do it!

  2. I have to think "Maybe some one else will be able to appreciate these clothes more than I do" as I get rid of things, makes me feel like I am doing someone else good at the same time as getting stuff in order. And I just don't have as much time to pick out outfits as I used to, so having less is making it easier :)