Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Snow Day

Waiting for Daddy to come home... 
Our day couldn't have started off any better... Both boys slept til almost ten!! Shaun had to go help pick out a new sound system for our church on Saturday morning, and Drew waited for 2 hrs with a carrot nose and two magnet eyes in his hand for the snow man he wanted to build when daddy came home. He had his snow suit all ready to go (he calls it a fo suit) and wore the snow man scarf around his neck all morning. :) 

The boys worked hard on this guy!!! Shaun says he looks more like a snow penguin... It wasn't the best snow man building snow. But Shaun didn't let Drew down! Even if he's more of a snow pile, he's awfully cute. And Drew would have slept outside in the snow with him if we would've let him. He's his daddy's boy, loves the cold and snow so much!! 

While the boys were out playing hard I was making lunch... Something nice and warm and yummy.... And probably my favorite meal since I was old enough to have a favorite. 

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Perfect Winter day lunch. :) 
Grilled Cheese Tip:  I was told once that spreading mayo on the bread instead of butter gives you a prettier sandwich and easier spread. I tried it on one side this time. I didn't give up the butter completely cause I love that flavor, but they were really yummy :) 

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