Monday, March 12, 2012

Cushy Christians....

Poor Drew.... I just have to share this story because I don't want to forget it! It's had me laughing all day... 

This morning I went out to breakfast and did some shopping with my mama as a belated birthday date just me and her. When I came home Shaun, Drew and Isaiah were in the back yard playing. I went out to say hi and tell them I was home and we were chit chatting as we came inside. We went into the living room and I sat down to feed Isaiah and Drew came up to me and said "Mommy, don't ike (like) crishions." 

I thought he was saying he doesn't like christians. I thought that was strange, because we have never even really used the word christian around him much... we more just talk about loving Jesus with him at this age... So anyway, needless to say, I was a bit concerned. I proceeded to tell him that we do like christians,  and that actually we're christians, and he is too, to which he interrupted me to tell me that he is not a "crishion." Now I was really getting concerned, and I said "buddy, you love Jesus right? That makes you a christian." He told me that crishions don't ove (love) Jesus and he not crishion. I tried telling him that all the people we go to church with are christians, and surely he loves them. All to no avail. Oh boy. How do you explain all of this to a two and a half year old? I decided to drop the subject for the time being and if it came up again I'd try a different approach. 

An hour or two later, after lunch and a walk, we were headed back outside to enjoy more of the beautiful weather. As soon as we opened the back screen door Drew pointed out and said "mommy, don't ike crishions." Oh no... back on this topic again... Then I asked him to go point to what it was exactly that he doesn't like. He climbed up on the picnic table, pointed over the railing to the neighbors back deck, to their deck furniture to be precise, on which were perched brand new cushions. And he said again, "mommy, don't ike crishions." CUSHIONS! Just with an "r" in there and a little bit of a different vowel sound, "i" instead of "u". Oh thank heavens! But now... What did I get myself into? Did I really try to tell him that he is a cushion? That cushions love Jesus? That all the people we go to church with are cushions too? I couldn't help it, I started laughing, and laughing, and laughing (and I've been giggling ever since). So now, to clean up my mess and try to restore clarity to his little mind, I told him that mommy made a mistake, and cushions and christians are two different things... And as I'm talking he is starting to repeat back to me "cushion" and "christian" and make the distinction between the sounds... Oh beautiful! So I began describing the function of a cushion as opposed to a christian. I told him that cushions sit on chairs, and look pretty, and they're for sitting our hineys on... 

More concern from Drew. "Mommy! Don't, want, sit, on, christians, with hiney!" "No, no Drew, we sit on cushions, not christians, you don't have to sit on christians..." Clearly, we still have some confusion on the topic. Poor Drew. I think I'm even confused. 

Why did he have to have such a strong opinion on the neighbors new porch cushions anyway?? 

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