Monday, March 26, 2012

my baby is six months old.

Isaiah Matthew is already six months old. The Lord told me three things about him before he was born. That he was going to be strong, passionate, and a man of action. I also knew that he was going to be LOUD when he was born. And he was. But for whatever reason his cries didn't get me worked up, I just thought to myself, "he's here!! and making sure we know it!" 

When you have one boy, and you're about to have another, you might think you know just what to expect. But Isaiah is completely his own person. And how quickly he has let us know and carved out his own place in our hearts. 

He is SO FULL OF JOY! I cannot express to you how easy it is to get a smile out of this boy. Look at him, he'll smile at you. Touch him, he'll smile at you. Talk to him, he'll smile at you. Give him a toy, he'll smile at you. Even when he is not happy, crying even, if you make the tiniest effort to get him to be happy he will smile at you through his tears. He loves people and interaction. He is so very social. And from day 1 to 6 months old, he is still loud :) He babbles and coos and shrieks and I swear he already tries to say hi. He says mamamama and babababa and dadada and all sorts of other sounds. At seven weeks old someone prophesied over him that he is going to have a long life and a fruitful ministry. Glory Hallelujah Amen Praise Jesus! Bring it on! And about a month ago our friend Nora told me that she felt like Jesus told her that He has a calling on Isaiah's voice, whether it be singing or preaching she's not sure. Whichever it is, I have a feeling he is going to be making a joyful noise his whole life :) On to his 6 month photos... Actually wait, one more thing... At Isaiah's dedication Shaun's dad said something along the lines of Isaiah being a strong boy, and that it's the joy of the Lord that is his strength. K, NOW on to the photos :) 

I love this. He is so not bashful, but he has perfected the "pretend" bashful look, and this captures it so perfectly :) 
More things I love about him, his eyelashes, his chubby hands, and his little piggies :) 

I do love this photo, but can I just be honest for a second? This was like, the one out of 20 where it looks like he is sitting peacefully next to his teddy. In all of the others he was wrestling teddy, falling on top of teddy, and trying to eat teddy. 

More joy... Daddy walked into the room and got these smiles out of Isaiah :) 

I had 6 month photos done of Drew wearing this same tie of Shaun's. Drew was sitting up for most of them. However, remember the wrestling tendency that was mentioned in reference to teddy? Turns out Isaiah will wrestle just about anything, including daddy's tie. So most of my photos of him in the tie he was toppled over for :) 

Just for fun, a photo from Isaiah and Drew's 6 month photos side by side :)

Oh and one final disclaimer: I did not edit a single one of these photos even one little bit. I definitely could have made them better by doing so, but I just didn't take the time to do it. 

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