Sunday, March 18, 2012

Growing up

So this morning, a revelation hit me right between the eyes. My babies are getting big. 

Now, maybe you are thinking, "um, yeah... that's what happens...." And, like, I know this already too. But for whatever reason it became real in a whole new way today. Drew used to beg me to hold him constantly during worship on Sunday mornings, and I loved to oblige, trying to hold either him or Isaiah through the whole time. Today was asking Drew to let me hold him. He was happy to run free. He wasn't begging me to hold him. All of the sudden I thought to myself, "this season will eventually end completely." Drew is by no means tired of me holding him yet, and still asks me to carry him anywhere he can get me to, but for the first time today he wasn't jumping in my arms quite as willingly. And the realization that he will eventually outgrow me holding him at all hit me hard. "Oh my word, he's really only a baby for a little while," I thought. It just made me want to savor it all the more. I could cry typing this. I love these two little boys I have been given, and snuggling them is my primary way to show them just how much. What will I do when they don't want to be snuggled anymore? Please Lord, let them always allow me to at least hug them, no matter how old they are. 

I love that they are growing up, I love seeing their character develop, and each new stage brings more joy and new things to teach them and new firsts for each of them. But I pray I never look so forward to the next stage that I forget to cherish the one we're in now. I could write so much more, but don't have time right now, cause I've got some snuggling to do :) 

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