Sunday, April 22, 2012

the purpose

My blog has a few purposes. One is to be a journal, just to capture life, record things about my babies that I don't want to forget, and be a sort of time capsule that I can look back on someday.

Another purpose hasn't yet been revealed, but God willing, will be one day in the not too distant future.

It's also a place I can record the things God is teaching/showing me. I feel like He is speaking to me so much in this season, and I don't want to forget the things He's telling me.

I heard something at my Bible study that made me stop and go "yeah! that's what I want too" this week. Someone asked a speaker why she never really used an introduction, she just dove straight into the Word when she spoke. She said, "The people didn't come here to see me, they came here to see God." I pray that if you come to my blog, you don't come here to see funny anecdotes from life, my babies, things around my house, recipes etc. (although there will be all of those shared!) I pray that you come here to see God in it all. Because without Him I am nothing.

I think it's a good time to share the meaning of the name of my blog. The Vintage Canvas. Part of it is in reference to that purpose for my blog that I haven't yet shared. But part of it is in the meaning of the words. "Vintage": generally associated with the process of improving over time. The definition God gave me for "Canvas" : the place where the artist's vision becomes a reality. In my case, I want my life to literally be "The Vintage Canvas": the place where God's (the artist's) vision for my life becomes a reality, and a life which is continually being refined, and, hopefully, improving over time as He molds me to become more like Him.


  1. hey,
    i added a link to your blog in my blog because i honestly am so delighted by yours that i wanted to share! I hope thats okay, if not I'll remove it! :)

    1. that is perfectly fine, i am honored :) :) :)