Monday, April 30, 2012


"where there is no vision the people perish" Proverbs 28:19

The most recent meditation of my heart.... How incredibly profound. (but then again, it's written in the living word of God.... so.... of course it's profound.)

I bet I could just stop, tell you to think on that verse for a few minutes, and you could write this post for me. But I'll go ahead and jot down at least a little of what I've gotten out of it just so I don't forget it myself.

Sometimes this is used as a verse to motivate our elderly people that they are still here for a reason, to never stop dreaming/living/doing just because the end of your life might be approaching... for if you stop dreaming/living/doing, then the end is probably closer than you think. I pray someone reminds me of this verse when I get older too.

But that's not the main thing I've gotten out of the verse. Age is not mentioned specifically at all. So you might say that anyone who loses their vision for their life "perishes." Maybe not a physical death. But the death of dreams is a death in and of itself. If you have a dream, dare to dream it. Envisioning your future and all its potential is not a waste of time. It's priceless. It's how dreams become realities. If we stop having a vision for our lives, what will it cost us? More than we know.

Shaun told me that God told him to never stop building. That doesn't mean building physical buildings, it means never stop growing his business, building and investing in his family, and brainstorming new ideas for our future. It's not code for "become a workaholic" or "never be content." It simply means DREAM. Have VISION. And more often than not our dreams become a reality if we're not afraid to give them some space in our minds.

Beyond dreaming, vision can also be the physical vision with our eyes. Um, Pinterest anyone? Vision is the whole motivator there. How many people are addicted to viewing all the amazing diy projects, recipes, homes, hair/makeup ideas, and possibilities that are out there? It is just downright INSPIRATIONAL to say the least. We see something, we want to re-create it. It's the mark of THE Creator on us, that we would also desire to create. That we find a fulfillment in making something. Especially something out of nothing. Isn't that what God did in the first place? Spoke things into existence that were not? Made man out of dirt, woman out of a single bone? Isn't He the God of beauty from ashes? No wonder we also love the same things, we are made in His image.

If you find yourself discontent, dare to dream, and beyond that, dare to DO. Make just one thing you've dreamed of into a reality, no matter how small it is. Let's see how amazing it feels to let our dreams come to life. It's what they were made to do.

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  1. Inspirational post you've written here, Jessi. I never interpreted that verse to be meaning creativity, but I really like that take on it. Thanks for sharing. :)