Monday, April 23, 2012


I think every boy needs a doggie....

Our first visit with our new little guy. 10 days old. 

Drew picked him out and bonded to him right away. 

Saturday morning. In his pen when we came to pick him up. 

Drew made himself comfortable in Zion's new home... :) 

Love this. 

Carrying his new baby around the back yard. 

Our sweet little guy. 

If I'm ever not sure where he is, he's probably laying at Shaun's feet. Shaun is his favorite. And it is so sweet to see Shaun take care of him and be so gentle with him. :) 

Our first family photo with our puppy :) 

Zion is a little doll. He loves affection, and is constantly following us around or laying on our feet when we sit. He loves to be snuggled. He's sleeping in my arms as I'm typing. Drew talks to him in an even higher pitched voice than usual, and Isaiah will pet him gently for a little bit before he pounces on him. Drew asks me, "mommy, where's my dog?" when he's not sure where he is. I love how he refers to him as his. Besides the difficulties of house breaking him and feeling sorry for him when he cries in his crate at night, we are loving this new addition. :)