Thursday, April 19, 2012

"I'd rather waltz than just walk through the forest..."

K so the title of my post is lyrics from the song Plant Life by Owl City. How appropriate, since I'm gonna be talking about plants... 

They are taking over pieces of almost every day now. Between my little vegetable garden seedlings, tiny orchid plant, ferns, flower gardens, and potted herbs I'm starting to think I may have a new obsession... But anyways, there's one little corner of our back porch that I quite love: 

 I think my favorite thing about this corner is that not one single thing was purchased with this ensemble in mind. The palm tree is inside all winter and I always put it out for the summer to rejuvenate. The three crates I got from Shaun's Dad's farm, with the intention of using some of them as shelves in Drew's room. I'm either going to have to go salvage some more crates or wait til fall to do that now... Cause they clearly belong on the porch now. The herbs are usually in my kitchen window, and the plant in the top crate is called burro's tail and was in my front flower bed. It was a hanging plant and I just took the hanger off of it. In the middle crate are three glass jars that I will eventually plant things in... I have a little vine growing inside that I want to put in the root beer bottle and I'm not sure yet what I'm putting in the other two. [Maybe some succulents or a tiny cactus?]

Here's what it could look like if I decided not to use the bottles and used a planter instead: 

I'm kind of in love with the coffee cup planter, and having some envy issues. See, I got this planter for my best friend for her birthday. I'm planning on giving it to her this Friday. So it's technically not mine. And I wish it was. I might just have to go and get another one... Cause i like it in every one of the [many] places around my house that I've tried it out. But I'm giving it to you anyway, Ashly!! ;) 

There's just something about old wooden crates and plants. They make me happy :) 


  1. What a great way to display your plants. They look wonderful!

  2. I love that corner too! And that coffee cup planter is adorable!



  3. This inspired me to create a container corner on our very teeny-tiny patio. :)