Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter is just the best. Such a triumphant, victorious celebration of the ultimate sacrifice and the conquering of death. "Death where is your sting? Grave where is your victory?" I would rather just soak in the presence of Jesus and spend time with our families than stress myself out creating some outrageously planned and perfect day... More power to all you mamas out there that did, but I was a bit last minute. I did do a few special things to celebrate, just nothing way over the top. Our morning started off with this french toast and blueberry casserole. I don't usually cook breakfast, but this seemed easy enough and I knew Drew would love it. 

It was yummy :) 

Then Drew hunted for his Easter basket. Instead of a chocolate bunny he got a chocolate Jesus fish. He asks for more of Jesus all the time now. :) 

Family photo. Drew might be picking his nose. And Isaiah might be eating his tie. Here's to real life :) 

Love of my life

My three boys. My world. 

Baby on his first Easter. 

Attempt to get the sweet angel babies together.... between Drew's flying drum sticks, bright sun, and lots of energy..... this, led to.... 

This. Life's not always perfect, but darn, he sure is a cute crying baby. :) 

Loot from the grown up easter egg hunt. (Thanks mama and daddy!!) 


 Drew, hunting. 

Counting Drew's eggs after his very competitive hunt.... with himself. :) 

Love this candid of Nan keeping baby saiah warm and cozy :) 

It was good to spend time with family. It was good to celebrate that Jesus is so very alive. Thank you Jesus for this reminder every year that you have put new life into everything, and death has lost its power over us. It is especially meaningful this year. 


  1. As always...Perfect! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful growing family.

  2. Great pix, Jessi! Your little men are so cute. The blueberry french toast looked so good too! :)