Saturday, December 1, 2012

boys will be boys

I only have boys, so I am so used to this being "normal" that I rarely think about it. But maybe for those of you with girls out there this isn't quite the norm. 
My normal is wrestling, jumping, tackling, climbing, doing flips off of things, conquering just because it's there. 

I would say Drew is somewhat of a cautious person, but it doesn't stop him from joining in all of these boyish activities. 

Below he was using the rocking chair to do somersaults off of. Isaiah looks like he was just watching, but as soon as Drew was on the ground he would tackle him. 

Below they are both climbing on the chair to see if they can reach the hands of the clock. 


 The number of items in my house that I have hot glued back together since having two boys is growing rapidly. The number of marks on my walls... and we interrupt this program to inform you that AS I WAS TYPING Isaiah went to push Drew's little stroller and it got it tangled in the cord of the cd player and so he yanked the whole thing off the dresser.... 

And now he just knocked the fan over. By accident of course. 

By the time I got back to writing he had pulled a pile of books off of Drew's dresser. 


Not making this up. Now they are climbing on the rocking chair playing with the clock again. 

And now they're on the floor wrestling. 

This was not supposed to be a play by play of current events, but they are just proving my point so beautifully right now! Haha. 

I worked with Isaiah for a whole week on learning to go "safely" up and down the stairs. I taught him to sit on his butt and scoot or else to hold on to the railing. Then I started letting him go up and down unsupervised. He modified the methods I taught him a bit. He prefers to turn around on his belly, put both arms straight out in front of him like super man and slide down the whole flight as fast as possible.... "ay ay ay ay"-ing the whole way down as he bumps from step to step. Good thing he usually has on a onesie that snaps at the bottom and stays in place or he'd have some serious rug burn on his little belly... Now Drew likes to go down the steps like that too just for kicks. 

Another favorite play place for these two? They love to stand on the coffee table. They pull out the microphone and sing and shout their little hearts out bopping up and down on the coffee table like it's their own personal stage. 

Yesterday Isaiah learned to climb onto our dining chairs. I fear it's only a matter of time before they discover there's a bigger stage out there than the coffee table and I find them shouting at me from the kitchen table... 

Add Zion to the mix, and things get really chaotic really fast. Sometimes I can't tell who's chewing on whose sock, and who's snot is whose, or which one it was that managed to get the lid off and spill the entire contents of the sippy cup on the freshly mopped floor.... 

Some days I feel like all I do is referee. Anyone else? 

But wow, these boys are my heart, my world, I love them like I can't even describe. And how I will miss their little trotting feet one day, their chubby hands all covered in mixtures of peanut butter and mushed bananas and sticky fuzz, holding onto me and hugging and getting me covered in the same... Their innocent eyes after they make a mess bigger than a person that little should be capable of. 

My eyes get full of tears just thinking that one day this season will be over for me. I want it to last forever. 

Keep making messes babies. I want you to be able to play in this house. These will be memories I treasure forever. 
Love, Mommy.

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