Tuesday, February 12, 2013

bridal portrait session

I think that there are a lot of different portrayals of what it means to be and feel "beautiful" in a woman's life. I remember coming out on the other side of that awkward stage between childhood and being a teen girl, starting to care about clothes and makeup for the first time and experiencing the first hints of what it feels like to want to look pretty... Getting dressed up for your first highschool dance, getting your hair done for the first time ever, putting on a pretty dress... then there's the beauty in being barefoot and tan with beach hair too. There's a feminine beauty in the way you look after hours of labor and doing something you never thought yourself capable of when you become a mommy and hold your baby in your arms for the first time too, tired eyes, sweaty ponytail and every muscle shaking from the adrenaline rush that's over. Yes, that's a beautiful woman moment too. But I think the moment every girl dreams of feeling the most beautiful is the day they put on their wedding dress and say "I do." 

I had the opportunity to do bridal portraits of two of my gorgeous friends, Steph & Camille in the house that Shaun has been working on renovating with a friend of ours for months now and finally finished. Camille was married this past August and Steph got married in January. Beautiful brides, lovely location, and so stinkin' much fun!!!! Seriously, one of my favorite days. We put on fun worship music and got all beautiful and we had a blast. I basically set up a shot, and had them take turns in each space. I love how their photos still came out so individual for them both. I'll basically go back and forth showing photos of each of them in every space we shot. Also, fun fact, I did not buy one single prop for this shoot. The night before I just shopped my house and came up with all sorts of fun ideas :) 

Here are the gorgeous gowns: 
A few more shots of the dresses. 

One of my first few images below. Completely un-edited. I loved it so much in its original form I didn't dare touch it. Absolutely breath taking, I love everything about it! 

(Actually none of this series is edited, I'll tell you when we get to one that is)

Camille made it super easy for me, she is such a natural in front of the camera! 

K the one below is (obviously) edited, and I love how it came out!

Practicing portraits, love the one above of Camille and the one below of Steph. They both have gorgeous eyes! 

Love the one below of Steph!

I love the tranquility of the shot of Camille below. So peaceful, elegant & natural. 

Ok, so the one below is another of my VERY FAVORITES from the shoot! Just beautiful! 

The next few were inspired by the old saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." If you have a favorite cup or love tea you could pose with a tea cup on your wedding day and it could be your something blue. :)

The two shots below are again, straight out of the camera, completely un-edited. I seriously gasped when I saw these on my camera that day... We had a sudden burst of sunlight through the window we were in front of just as Steph was sweeping her bangs to the side and the light and candid poses are simply stunning. 

 so cute :) 

Love the golden lighting on Camille's face in these. 

And for fun, and just to be a little quirky, we paired nerd glasses and wedding dresses for a few :) 

Last but not least, I took some photos of Steph with one of the lanterns she used as decor on their wedding day. This has a lot of symbolic/prophetic meaning to her besides just being a pretty picture. 

I had to really narrow it down for this post, but I got to share at least a few favorites in each category :) Hope you enjoyed! 

Steph & Camille, thanks for being my models that day! Only the three of us know how seriously much fun we had playing dress up!!! :) :) Love you guys! 

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