Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Recap 2013

Almost a week late, but I had to post some Valentines photos... :) 

It's becoming a tradition for me to make a special lunch for Drew and Isaiah and eat it picnic style somewhere in the house we don't normally eat. We eat mostly all red & pink foods, this year we had strawberries, red peppers and dip, heart shaped pb&j's, raspberry granola bars and yogurt covered valentines pretzels. I just fixed them a big platter and let them eat the food in whatever order they wanted. They each went for the pretzels first, but then the first thing gone was the strawberries, then the sandwhiches, then the granola bar... and there were still pretzels left on the plate at the end. I didn't know how they'd like the red peppers, I thought I might just end up eating them myself, but they surprised me and dug right into them too. Drew told me they looked like candy canes. :)

My firstborn. He is the sweetest boy ever. I just love his sensitive heart and sweet smile.

This year we had our picnic in Drew's room. I spread a red tablecloth out on the floor so we wouldn't get anything on the carpet and it worked out great. Shaun had flowers delivered to me while he was away at work and they came right before lunch so we brought them upstairs as our centerpiece :) 
Drew turned on his cd player so we had music while we ate and it was so fun! About half way through lunch we stopped the music and talked about valentines day, love, how Jesus loves them more than anyone else ever will and then we sang Jesus loves me together. Drew sings every word perfectly, Isaiah lalala's along with us :) 

When we went to the store that morning to get our red and pink food I let the boys each get a balloon too.  

My second born boy. He was dipping his yogurt covered pretzels in the veggie dip. 

I just love those blue eyes.... 

I love my baby boys. So much. And it's so fun to have little parties for them every now and then and just make things special. I hope they remember this someday. 

After lunch the doorbell rang and more flowers were delivered, this time from my dad. I felt so loved :) 

That night Shaun and I went out on a date and Aunt Nan came over and made cookies with them. 

My main Valentine. I love this man.

Aunt Nan and me :) Thanks, Ran, for watching the boys for us!! I know it was tough, especially with weedman visiting and all.... lol (at 8:00 at night I got a text from Randi asking if we were expecting anyone cause the doorbell rang. She got a little freaked out and took the boys upstairs. I told her to lock the door and turn on the outside lights and then not to worry about it. When me and Shaun got home there was a pamphlet from "Weedman" hanging on our door. Really?? Eight o' clock valentines night and you're out advertising for weed removal?? Even if people were home, I doubt they were wanting to interrupt their candlelight dinners or romantic evenings to talk about lawn care.... in February.... Just a tip weedman, maybe you should choose a different night of the year to advertise your services.) 

Anyway, we had a great day and have been laughing about weedman ever since. ;) 
Hope you had a great Valentines Day too!! 

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