Friday, February 15, 2013

Hartman Maternity Shoot: Just a little peak :)

This week I had a really REALLY fun shoot with awesome friends :) I met Brittany my very first day of college, when I was on the shuttle headed over to the school, not knowing anyone, and I timidly asked from the backseat if anyone else on the bus was majoring in ultrasound. And Brittany turned around and said she was. And we have been friends ever since. :)We were both blondies who loved taking pictures dating dark, shaggy haired music loving guys, both loved Jesus, taking all the same classes. Pretty sure our friendship was God-ordained. After graduating we married our men a week apart (she married Kyle Sept 14th, I married Shaun Sept 22nd) and our pregnancies with our first babies even overlapped. Kaylynn was born when Drew was not quite 6 months old. Brittany and Kyle are now expecting their second little miracle, and Brittany is scheduled for her c-section April 5th. I was SO honored when Brittany asked me to do their maternity photos for them. It was an overcast day but that made for great lighting anywhere we shot. The shoot was the day before Valentine's Day and it was really fun to incorporate some lovey-ness into the shoot too. :) (Fun fact- Brittany and Kyle started dating Valentine's Day of 2003... so fun to see where they are 10 years later!) 

Note: this really is just a peak. I have not even done one tiny bit of editing yet. Also, we did some really fun photo's with baby boy's name in them that I can't share til after his name is revealed.... SO! I will post more photos from the shoot at a later time. I narrowed it down big time to just sharing seven of my favorites (I have over 90 of them!)

In the one above Kaylynn is holding a photo from Brittany and Kyle's maternity shoot when they were pregnant with her, and behind her they are doing the same pose again. Love it! 

Hope you enjoyed this little peak at their photos, I seriously cannot wait to start editing and to share more!!! 

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