Friday, February 8, 2013


You could call this the "heads up" post if you wanted to... But it feels like a much bigger deal to me than a heads up. ;)

Starting next week there will be some super exciting [to me] things posted on this blog. 

For one, I'll be announcing the official name of my photography business. 

For two, I'll be revealing the logo my sister designed for me. 

For three, to celebrate all these fun photography related things, I'll be posting some really fun photo shoots as well. My first bridal portrait shoot, possibly a maternity shoot (doing the shoot wed. so we'll see if I can get some photos up by friday!), and some older shoots I've done that were prior to my blogging days. 

How appropriate that all this photography stuff is happening the week of valentine's day... since it's something I love and all. :) ;)

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