Wednesday, February 13, 2013

my new logo!

This is the basic logo my sister designed for me, and I could not be more thrilled with it. :) Because this vision has been such a long time coming, she actually designed it as a project in college over a year ago when she knew I eventually wanted it to be the name of my business. We only tweaked it a tiny bit for it to be ready for me. Besides just business cards she designed me a letterhead, an envelope, gift certificates, and a cd label, all of which I love. :)

But anyway... Isn't it beautiful??!

Anyone looking to have design work done can find her on etsy here. Obviously, I highly recommend her :)

I'll try not to be nearly as wordy as I was yesterday, but today I wanted to just say a little bit more about the name of my business. Besides the fact that it's where my sister and I did that shoot that gave me the idea, I also love the meaning behind the words. Vintage often refers to something getting better or sweeter with time. (Which I hope is what happens with your photos!) And to me, the road part symbolizes the journey of life. I would love to help capture the milestones along that road. And here's where the vision for my photography business gets kind of specific.

I don't want people coming to have their pictures taken thinking they have to smile whether or not they feel like it, pose however I say, and "stage" their milestones. I want what I capture to be the real thing. I want to create memories while I am taking the pictures. When you look back at a framed photo from our session, I don't want you to just see a pretty picture, I want you to smile remembering what a good time you were having while taking the pictures. So. It's my hope to help make that happen for you.

And lastly, I've posted before about what the meaning of the name of my blog is here, but the last piece to the puzzle is that this blog is the canvas to paint lots of different pictures of that beautiful road of life on when I share favorites from each photo session that I do. :)

So there you have it, a little more insight into the meaning behind the name/logo. :)

Tomorrow I'm sharing favorite photos from my first few sessions ever that have never been posted on this blog, and revealing my new facebook page!!! :)

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  1. lovely to see it all coming together for you! :)