Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fill. Empty. Refill.

I woke up this morning and waited for my babies to wake up while I filled their cereal bowls downstairs. They wake up and I make the bed. Hungry boys empty cereal bowls and I put them into the now full dishwasher, add detergent and start the cycle over again. I fill the window sill with nectarines to ripen for healthy lunches, they are eaten one by one, now I re-fill the window sill, only it's peaches this time.
I pull the warm towels and bathing suits from the dryer, fold, and refill the pool bag. Ready for another sunshiny day and getting my little ones wiped out tired from so much fun in the water and sun.

Life is a constant process of filling, emptying, refilling, and repeating. It can wear you down if you get caught in the cycle and forget to rest in those moments when the emptying is happening. The emptying is the best part. Little mouths full of cereal and milk. Little tan arms and legs glistening in the sun in wet bathing suits, laughing and screaming in fun. Nectarine juice dripping down little chins, making chubby  cheeks sticky. Babies snuggling down under the covers of that freshly made bed. I love the emptying. I'll refill again just to experience the emptying.

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