Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Language of Say-Sah

Couldn't decide whether to write about our "summer fun list" or my formula for buying boys clothes (something my friend Salena and I had been talking about recently) So I decided to write about Isaiah Matthew instead :)

Drew and Isaiah were both pretty early talkers. The only difference is that Drew would usually practice words, or not try to add them to his vocabulary list unless he could pronounce them correctly.... And Isaiah will just say anything. Because of this Isaiah has quite the list of words that might need the occasional translation. :) If me or Shaun aren't around, just ask Drew. Most of the time he's better at interpreting than I am anyways. :)

When Isaiah is referring to himself, he calls himself "Saysah", with two distinct syllables. Thank you has been "ti ti" for quite some time now. Pizza, one of his favorites foods, is "Teepaw". Read is "reap", mouth is "moup", pants are "pimp", drive is "dries"- speaking of which, "Drising"" is one of Isaiah's VERY favorite things to do... he climbs up in the driver's seat of the truck, puts on Shaun's sunglasses, and turns on every last thing you can think of... So when you get in to go somewhere the next time and start the car up, your headlights are on, front and back windshield wipers going full speed, radio cranked up, and interior lights on. He says "O-tay!" in a wide range of inflections, everything from pouting to enthusiatic and I love it. He loves to proclaim that everything is "funny", tells me every time he "toots", and has the cutest throaty laugh he bursts out in random times. There really isn't a word he won't try to say. We have little trains that say "oh bombergers!" when you press the button. Isaiah says "Oh bombe-be-be!" One that I think is funny is he calls fishies "sushi". There are tons of words he pronounces right, like, for example, Shaun & Jessi. (Yes, he occasionally calls us by our names.) Especially when he is being loud and demanding. He says "Zion" perfectly, and of course, "Drew". He wants to be everywhere big brother is and doing all the same things. This leads to many injuries, however, he has learned to only cry about the really serious ones.

When we were at the beach and out to eat at one of our favorite places, what should have been an enjoyable evening turned into quite a fiasco that probably still has my sister-in-law laughing anytime she remembers it. We were seated out on the deck on a beautiful night, but we were kind of back in a corner and things got very hot very fast. The boys were hungry and tired from missing naps, and a lengthy time of having to remain in their seat at the table just isn't their idea of fun. So besides them being fussy and climbing up and down and throwing random fits, all of the sudden Isaiah scooches forward in his booster seat trying to get down on his own, which slides the booster to the edge of the chair where it teetered, and then proceeded to shoot upwards behind him while his little body was catapulted face first into the table and then like a rag doll slammed down onto the wooden deck head and back first. I think I heard the whole restaurant gasp, then silence. Then Isaiah screamed. (It was apparently one of those moments that really hurt.) Thankfully my back was to most of the restaurant and I really didn't look around too hard to see how people were looking at us or what they were saying. And my sister in law sat across the table cracking up. While I wasn't laughing, her reaction did help me keep my composure. ;) Oh, and Isaiah is fine, for anyone who is wondering. (He has a really hard head.)

Other things I want to remember about Saysah at this stage are how great he is at helping (seriously- he will clean up a whole room of toys without stopping until they are all put away, or go get his own diaper when he needs changed, etc) his love of answering the phone, the way he bumbles around when he's walking, not always looking where he's going and kind of bouncing from thing to thing. How much he loves to read our kids Bible. (It is literally ripping at the seams and we just got it at Christmas) A conversation with him looks like this "brrm. go?" "Where did your car go?" "Yeah" "It's over there on the coffee table." "Otay. Det it." This is such a fun learning stage and I'm enjoying it so much with him :)

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