Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Maternity Photos

My maternity photos were a collaboration between my mom and I. My wonderful mama, she puts up with a lot from me!! I set the aperture, iso and shutter speed on my camera, handed it to her and told her not to touch anything. The way I said it she thought I meant she couldn't even move from the spot where I left her standing or zoom in or out... she kept telling me she felt stifled. But once we figured out our miscommunication and I explained that I didn't mind if she moved around or zoomed in or out, her creative juices started flowing and I LOVE the way the pictures came out :) I definitely owe my love for creativity to my mom, she was an art major in college and she is very talented. So between me setting the camera, her compositions and angles, and then my post processing (cropping, editing, etc.) I think we are a good team :) And I'm so thankful she put up with my bossiness and persevered anyway. (I LOVE YOU MAMA!!) 

So here are some of my favorites!! 

(Same as above just in black and white) 

So a couple things about our pictures. First of all, I was only 24 weeks when we took them. I went back and found a photo from when I was 24 weeks with Drew and I feel like I barely looked pregnant yet. But round two and round three it was like my body was like "well, we've been through this before, we know where it's headed..." and just gave up the fight and started showing pregnancy way faster. And I'm ok with that... My ending point round one and round two were the same, and it will hopefully be the same this time too. With Drew I had maternity photos taken a week before I delivered him, so I already have photos to remember just how un-real big my baby bump will be by the end... I wanted to take some this time around where I felt a little smaller, a little cuter, could still get up and down from the ground more easily... Add to that the fact that this was one more thing I could check off my "to-do before baby" list earlier than later, and I felt like it made perfect sense to take them when we did. 

Some other little fun facts.... 
In the first set of pictures of just me and Shaun my dress is not maternity, it's from forever 21 and was only $13.80. I've found that dresses are one of the most comfortable things for me to wear in the summertime when I'm pregnant. A single layer, simple and cool, and no need to spend time putting an outfit together, it's just one piece. Forever 21 seems to sell a semi good collection of dresses made of a stretchy material, with good length to them, for cheap prices. Besides that, my wedges are from target, selected by Drew, and I love them because they are comfortable heels I can still wear and not feel off balance in when I'm pregnant. My necklace is from J. Crew clearance, I used a gift card given to me by my sister in law from last September to get it. I saved that gift card for such a time as this.... When my selection of clothing is limited, and I'm feeling a little bland, just putting on some fun accessories makes me feel more stylish. And, I can still wear it after baby. Added perk. 
For our family photos I didn't get anything new for anyone. I just figured for a third boy maternity shoot the color blue would be appropriate, and then I pulled out something each of us had in any shade of blue, didn't matter if it was striped or solid or what, it worked. Less matchy, but still semi coordinated is better in my opinion anyway. 

If there are any pregnant mommies out there reading this, my second outfit was as follows: 
Cobalt top: Old Navy Maternity
White cut offs: Motherhood Maternity clearance (shipped to the outlet from A Pea in the Pod) 
Sandals: Old Navy 
Jewelry: Ring from a jewelry party, earrings and bracelet from AE a long time ago. 

Well, that about sums it up! I'm so glad we have these to look back on and I hope that baby boy #3 will be able to see just how loved he was before he was even born. :) 

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  1. These are gorgeous! You are radiant! The Lord has blessed you with such a precious family!