Friday, July 19, 2013

Xavier is three!

 Not only is Xavier outgoing, friendly, adorable, and a little man who loves to help, but he is also one blessed little boy too. Why? Because it was obvious just from the hour of time I spent with him how much he is loved. It was his godmother, Abby's idea to do these photos. So we did some of just him, some of him with Abby, and some of him with his mom, Courtney, who was also along. 
His "Aunt Abby" as he calls her absolutely adores him. And his Mommy has done a wonderful job of teaching him his manners and how to follow instructions. He actually used the phrase "excuse me" while talking to me, and he did everything I asked him to like a little pro. He was seriously so cute! 
Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from Xavier's session: 

Love, love, LOVE the one above!! 

And oh my!!! Could you get any cuter of a grin out of a three year old boy??! 

 He looks like a little teenager in the one above if you ask me! 

And now for a few with his Aunt Abby! :) 

Trying to catch a butterfly 
And below: watching it fly away. 

And now a few with his mama! 

I absolutely love everything about the next two. :) 

A sweet candid close up of Xavier's baby face :) 

And I'll end with the three of them going exploring. 

Thanks again Abby for setting this up and asking me to be a part of capturing Xavier's adorable personality at this age! I hope you love these as much as I do!! :) 

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