Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hartman Family: Brycen Turns One!

This is my first shoot back since I had Jaden, and it was so fun to get back into it!! I am fully booked from now until the end of May, with several summer shoots scheduled as well, and I am practically bursting with the sparks of creativity that have been held back for the last five months...:)

The Hartmans are wonderful friends of ours, and their sweet little man is turning one!! Brittany wanted to do a cake smash as well as some outdoor family photos and some four year old shots for their daughter Kaylynn who just had a birthday as well. Our shoot was planned for a gloomy, rainy day that just so happened to become sunny and warm right when we needed it to. :) Love that!
So let's start with the cake smash, shall we? :) 

He is having an elmo themed first birthday party.
"I am One!!"

Love the one below with his little tongue sticking out :) 

This boy knew how to get it done!

Moving on to my favorites of the four of them: 

Love, love, love the two below:

The sweetness! :

 Love this one:

A few of mama and daddy with their little birthday boy:

Love this little man!

Miss Kaylynn is four!!

A favorite for sure:

And a few of just Brittany & Kyle:

Usually I would just stop there, show you the perfect, wonderful, edited images where things went like we were planning, or the candid moments were just sweet beyond words and call it a day. But the truth is, every shoot has its share of out take moments that are equally memorable and fun and hilarious too. So this time I want to give you a little glimpse of the laughter and fun and crazy that it is behind the scenes.

Here are a few of my favorite out takes, Enjoy! :) 

In case you didn't already know this... I really like the photo shoots that I do to be an experience of fun and genuine interaction that you can look back on and remember the good time that you had just getting the pictures taken. For this reason it doesn't stress me out at all if a little one just isn't having a certain pose or setup... I like to just go with it, and see what real life gives us as far as photo worthy memories. Honestly, the out takes that show the hilarious laughter and smiles and tears even are some of my very favorites. I was seriously almost peeing myself at one point I was laughing so hard. This is what makes family, this is what makes real life, and although I love to show those moments that are gentle and sweet and calm, I adore the moments that are a bit crazy and unruly just as much :) Here's to real life! 

Thank you so much Brittany and Kyle for asking me to do these for you... I had so much fun spending the evening with your family :) Love you guys so much!! 


  1. so in love with all of them... even the ones that show our true colors ;)!!!!

  2. your true colors are the best, and so much fun to be around!!! :)