Friday, April 18, 2014

photography trip: the beach in april

Last week we had the coolest opportunity. The man my cousin works for owns several rental properties in Rehoboth Beach. My cousin asked me if I would go down and take updated photos of the rentals for them. We were able to stay in one of the townhouses (which is only one block from the beach) for two nights, and the money I made taking the pictures covered our expenses while we were there. I had just been thinking how great it would be to get away just the five of us when he called me. It felt like such a gift. You never know what opportunities might come through photography :) 

We left on a wednesday night and came home friday night. We took all our food with us, I made hard boiled eggs and sausage and cut up a pineapple to take along for breakfast. For our lunches we had turkey lettuce wraps and I made a tomato mozzarella salad and brought veggies and dip and chips and salsa... and for dinner we stopped at chic fila on our way down, grilled burgers and made french fries the next night, and got burrito bowls from chipotle one our way home. Simple and didn't have to spend hardly any time cooking or cleaning once we were there.

The weather was gorgeous... The first day was windy and chilly but there was not a cloud in the sky. We flew a kite on the beach that morning, then took a long walk in the afternoon. The next day was warmer and not nearly so windy so we played wiffle ball on the beach that morning and even stuck our toes in the water. We took another long walk that afternoon and made a stop to get the boys some chocolates from candy kitchen. :) 
I went to sleep at 8:30 one night, we watched movies together, the boys colored, we sang at the top of our lungs during the road trips there and back, and Jaden boy experienced his first trip to the beach. It was so good, totally worth the packing and un-packing of much baby gear for a short trip. I don't normally edit photos just for us, but I spent  a little bit of time on that this time, after all, it was a photography related trip :)

Here are my favorites:

Running out to the water our first morning there.

Pictures with our littlest man his first time on the beach. 

Flying Kites.

Saiah baby.... hands in pockets on the first day, letting the sand run through his fingers the next.

Us with our big boys...

Playing baseball on the second day. Shaun was all-time pitcher, Drew was all-time batter, and me and Isaiah (and Jaden too I guess) were all-time catchers :)

Warrior Drew taking on the ocean with a giant stick he found in the sand. 

When packing for myself I just threw in my favorite t-shirts, jeans, my favorite over sized gray sweater cardigan in case it was chilly, sandals and sunglasses. Easy, fun and comfortable for time away with my boys :)

So thankful for this opportunity and little break to get away... we loved it :)


  1. The photo of you with Jaden in your sweater is one of my all-time favorite "mom" photos that I have seen of you! :-)

    1. Thank you.. :) That sweater turned out to be the perfect little "cocoon" for him in all the windiness the two days we were there :)