Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Surprise! We're Potty Training Isaiah!

With Drew we talked about when potty training would start and what it would mean for months before we did it. The day after he turned three we started, and within two days he was doing it like a pro.

I was planning to wait until Isaiah is three at the end of August to start with him as well. (Having a nursing infant makes it hard to drop everything and assist in the bathroom whenever needed... by the time Isaiah turns three Jaden will be almost a year and I thought that would be an easier time to start...)

But Isaiah is super independent. And he starts things on his own timeline. A few months ago he started using our little elmo potty before bath time some nights. About two weeks ago he started going upstairs and taking off his own pants and diaper and going potty without even telling me. This was great!! (Except when I would find him half naked running around the house after pooping....) He asks me to take him to the bathroom at church, and he wakes up in the middle of the night asking for help in the bathroom instead of going in his diaper. All very encouraging and exciting (I mean, we are DEFINITELY ready to not spend so much on diapers every month!!) It's just made things a little more complex around here as far as multi-tasking for me.

This is the interesting thing though... it seems he only wants to go in the potty when he's wearing a diaper. If I try to put underwear on him he inevitably has an accident in them. Yesterday, for example. We were outside and I was clearing out all our flower beds and vegetable garden (and this morning I am soooo sore!! From pulling weeds!! I can't believe it... I mean there were some really tough vines I worked on pulling for awhile, and I ended up landing on my but twice from pulling so hard, but sore muscles??!) Anyway, Isaiah was in undies while we played outside... And then I saw him go into the shed and close the door. My mother's instinct said I should have followed right away. But I didn't. And when I finally did open the door he was standing in a puddle of pee and informed me that he had pooped in his undies too. So I carried him dangling out in front of me up onto the porch and started taking his clothes off, and Drew was expressing great concern that our neighbors were going to see Isaiah naked, and Isaiah was wailing about having to take off his jeans (He LOVES his jeans... like, he has an insane amount of desire to wear certain clothing for being a two year old) Then I carried my naked little boy into the downstairs bathroom to start wiping off the poop that was all down his leg... And in the midst of my frustration and trying to get him cleaned up he is bent over in half looking back at me between his legs saying "peek a boo mommy!" and making me laugh in spite of myself. And then, as if he didn't just pee in the shed, he says "uh oh," and starts peeing on the floor while I'm cleaning him up. ISAIAH!!! For all his great independence and potty training progress all on his own, it seems every bit of those skills left him for about 20 minutes yesterday....

So this is where we are. It seems potty training has visited our house whether we (meaning me) were ready for it or not. Surprise!

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