Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday Randoms (published on Wednesday)

Spring cleaning has officially begun in our home!! All the windows are open, the beds have been completely stripped (including duvets taken apart and decorative pillows de-covered) and everything is going through the wash as I type... to be hung outside on the clothes line later this afternoon. The flannel sheets are being switched with the egyptian cotton and I can't wait to climb into a clean, fresh bed tonight :)

Also on my list:

wash windows
move houseplants out onto the porch for some fresh air and sunshine
vacuum under beds
dust all light fixtures
switch out winter and summer clothes

Spring has been a lifesaving time of year for me the past few years, whether it meant the end of first trimester pregnancy sickness with all three of my little men, or just because I was desperately wanting to start fresh and spring seems to be the birthplace of creativity and inspiration for me. So thankful it's finally here after a very wintery winter this year...

Everything above this line was written Monday morning... it is now Wednesday morning, and it SNOWED last night.... SNOWED! How dare it! My poor blooming tulips!!! :( I would also like to say that I did not get to hang our bedding on the clothes line that afternoon because it looked like it might rain. And after putting all the fresh covers back on the boys bed that day... they both wet the bed that night. But ya know.... there must have been some progress made somewhere that day.... there must have been....

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Here's to posts that get published late, plans that get undone, beds that get unmade, remade, and unmade again, flowers that bloom and get snowed on, and above all, to REAL LIFE! :)

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