Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to make less go farther. (a little boys fall clothing post)

You may have read my posts on my "formula" for shopping for boys clothes, both spring and fall.
Having three boys, all born in the fall, my strategy is to invest in quality clothes that will be able to mix and match with each other and be passed down through all three of them. But whether you are passing the clothes down or not, this is a nice, simple, basic list of what I consider the bare essentials. I don't like to have a million things to choose from when dressing my boys. It's nice when everything goes together. And I do a big load of laundry once a week.

Since I've shared my list before more in depth, I don't wanna do the same thing over again, so I'm just going to show something a little different this time. I've been asked before if I get tired of them wearing the same thing over and over. And as I thought about it I had to answer no, because I don't think they do. So this time I'll recap my list, then show you a variety of outfits that can be made taking just one shirt and showing multiple different ways it can be worn. Hopefully it's inspirational to see that you can still dress your kids great without purchasing a massive new wardrobe for them at the start of every new season.
Re-capping my list:
5 long sleeved t-shirts
1 or 2 button up shirts
2 pairs of jeans
1 sweatshirt/hoodie
1 zip up hoodie
2 pairs of sweatpants
dressier shoes
To me, this is plenty for one boy for one season.
Here are Drew's 5 long sleeved t-shirts:
Two pairs of jeans, sneakers & dress shoes:
 Sweatshirt, two pairs of sweatpants:
 Jacket, zip up hoodie, one button up shirt:

(pajamas, socks and underwear not pictured... ;) )
So I chose to use the striped, long sleeved t-shirt to show you 7 different ways it could be worn just off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more... But here are some ideas.
First: The obvious choice, worn by itself with jeans and sneakers.
Variation on the first: Add the varsity jacket and it totally changes the look.
Second: Worn under the open front button up with the dark jeans.

Third: Worn with gray corduroys, dress shoes, and I have a light gray blazer for him I would throw on top to dress it up even more. (The boys are going to be in two weddings this fall, so once the weddings are over I will mix in the pieces they wear for them into their regular wardrobe. These pants and the blazer are two such pieces.)

Fourth: Under the zip up hoodie with the gray sweatpants. 
Fifth: Under the sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up. Could be worn with either pair of jeans or either pair of sweatpants.
Sixth: Use it to layer underneath t-shirts from the summer to extend their life into the winter months as well.
Seventh: Layered under his Easter shirt from this past spring (bought in a size large enough that I knew it would make it through this fall and winter as well). I'd do jeans or the gray corduroys with this outfit.

That's just one shirt, 7 different ways. The long sleeved gray shirt or long sleeved navy shirt could be put under t-shirts from the summer, layered under button ups, worn alone or under the zip up or blazer as well. You see? Endless possibilities. I love that things can be layered in the fall, it provides opportunity for so many different looks from one piece. :)

If you have boys, hopefully this post was helpful. And if you have girls, I have no experience at all with dressing little ladies, and I imagine it would be much harder because there for so many more options, but maybe this can be translated into a simple girls wardrobe somehow as well.
(p.s. most things you see here were purchased through baby gap during their 40% off friends and family sale. The remainder of items were bought at either carters using a 25%  off coupon during their first for fall sale, or children's place.)

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