Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sweet Dreams

Last July while I was still pregnant with Jaden we began phase one of our master bedroom re-do. Painting. We changed the very yellow-y beige color to a light blue-ish gray... It instantly made the room feel so much more soothing and calm. Once we painted I had a mental list of what else I'd like to do to complete the room... and one thing at a time we are slowly working our way there. In this post I showed you my jewelry storage solution and at the very end I mentioned the last few things I wanted to get to finish our bedroom. One was a tufted chair to create a cozy corner at the far end of our room. Well, after months of searching the internet, asking around, sitting on the most comfortable ever tufted chairs at pottery barn that I knew I couldn't afford, and continuing to refine my vision I found it. Yesterday I took all three boys out to run errands. We were right near Home Goods anyway so we stopped in. And there it sat. The dark gray, tufted, silver nail head trimmed, dark legged chair of my dreams. :) ;) And for the best price I'd seen so far. It was the only one. I quickly found someone in the store and had them move it to the front for me. Then I found the little silver side table and the tiny gold frame to complete the corner.
There she is! So I paid, got it loaded into the van, drove home smiling the whole way, and then could not wait for Shaun to get home to help me carry it upstairs. So somehow I got it out of the van and up the stairs by myself. (Well, sort of by myself... if you don't count Isaiah trying to crawl between my legs on the way up the stairs, and Jaden sitting on the floor watching me go, and Drew up ahead of the chair pulling on it to help... But he actually was helping! Amazing how things begin to change as they grow... He even carried the silver table up the stairs by himself because he was so excited to help me get the corner put together.) I moved Shaun's dresser into the opposite corner,  then vacuumed, then started arranging :)

 We had the lamp already, I found a tiny jar to put some ferns in, and that's the $3 gold frame from Home Goods... I wrote "Let go my soul & trust in Him" to put inside the frame.
And I also hung my shadow box of the shoes, jewelry and flower I wore in my hair on our wedding day. I love the mixed metallic, fabric and rustic wood all together.

 I was so excited to show it to Shaun when he got home!! He loves it too :)
And just because you know I like to keep it real here.... This is what the other half of our room looks like.... all the stuff I pulled out of the corner to make the chair space cozy... That's what I'll be working on cleaning up today. :)
Yay for slowly dreaming and seeing a space you envisioned come to life over time :)

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