Saturday, August 9, 2014

Val: Senior Photos

Val is amazing. If I left it at that one sentence it would be because I feel overwhelmed to try to put her into words. But I will give it my best shot. We go to church together, my kids love her. Adults love her. Her family loves her. I love her. She is always smiling. Innocent and lovely. Sweet and kind. Creative and unique. She has her own style, her own flair, she is bold and quiet all at the same time. She has lived all over the world, she loves to read and to learn, she has the athleticism of a warrior princess. Yes, I said warrior princess. :) Because that seems to be the only description I can think of that embodies grace and skill all at once. She is humble and genuine and possesses such natural beauty. She told me she doesn't think she's had her portrait taken professionally since she was eight. You would never know. This girl could model for a living. 
When we started talking about ideas for her photos all I could picture was her wearing a flower crown. But I didn't want to force it if she wasn't into it. So I asked what her ideas were first... and she said flower crown. !!! I almost jumped up and down :) So from there we chose a beautiful park timed just as the sun was going down and it was just perfect. She seemed to belong out there in all that lovely beauty of nature. 

Here are some favorites from her senior photo session: 

Wardrobe change :) 

And because it is so incredibly stunning and seems a good place to close, I thought I would end with this one: 

Val, thanks again for asking me to do your senior photos for you... It was seriously my pleasure. You are the true definition of being beautiful inside and out... Keep that beautiful glow of innocence, it is such a rare treasure... I just keep sensing over and over that your heavenly Father delights in you so fully. It is going to be one very blessed man who will one day win your hand. Don't settle girl. Never ever settle for less than His best. There are amazing things in store for you. :) 

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