Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The World's Best Sweater

When I say "best sweater" you can just go ahead and read "coziest sweater" too. I wear it every other day I think. It is textured and soft and statement and snuggly and long and IT HAS POCKETS! And it's sooooo cozy! Wait, I think I said that already. I bought a long, open, gray cable knit cardigan sweater from express last year and it got so much use I thought I'd add another in this year. My mom bought it for me while we were out shopping for her dress for my brother's wedding, and the fact that it's from her, and combined with the fun memories from that day make it even more special to me. Add in the fact that it was 30 % off... Yes. Clearly the world's best sweater. 

Sweater: Cotton On (here
Jeans: AE
T-shirt: Target
Boots: AE 
Ring: Premiere Jewelry

This sweater has been wrapped around Jaden to keep him out of the wind as he snuggled his downy blonde head into me, it's been worn like a robe by Drew, who declared he wished he could have gotten one of these sweaters, it's been rubbed absent mindedly by Isaiah as he talks to me and runs his hand up and down my arm. It was worn to my brother's rehearsal dinner for his wedding, it was worn to run into pre-school through the rain to pick up Drew, it was worn at my dad's birthday dinner when we had a campfire outside, and a lingering smokey smell stayed for a few days afterward. It's been pounced on by my sister's kitty, who is currently living with my parents, and who's hunter instincts were overcome with excitement at the sight of another furry being in its vicinity... It's been worn to church, to stay home, to go out... In the few weeks this sweater has been mine it's seen a lot of lovely moments. :) 

I just looked, and it's on sale now for $30.00. ;) 

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  1. Oh my, Stache must have thought you were his mother :)