Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the beach in april

We pretty spontaneously headed down to the beach this past weekend with our friends Nat and Salena and their two kids. Nat planned the weekend getaway as an early surprise birthday gift for Salena. She didn't know we were coming along until we met them at a Wendy's on the way down. I was happy she was happy! haha. We had a BLAST! These days relaxation is hard to come by, and our weekend away was wonderful.

Drew's little feet in the sand :) 

It was overcast and chilly our first day, but the rain held off and there were some AMAZING kites being flown out on the beach. Our babies looked pretty stinkin' cute digging in the sand in their little hoodies... 

And speaking of cute babies.... It was Isaiah's first time ever on the beach, and I hope is was the beginning of a long and lasting love between the two of them. Hehe. I am a MAJOR beach lover, and Drew and Shaun have  joined me in my love.... I think Isaiah is well on his way :) 

This photo is the evidence :) And look at those gorgeous blue eyes!! AHH! I love him :) 

First touch of sand. 

Our second day was PERFECT. Sunny, seventies, warm and breezy. We walked the boardwalk all morning and stopped for a few photos at the end. 

Nat, Salena, Alexia, Kaden, and baby boy :) 

Our little family at the boardwalk. 

Us girls! So glad we took this! 

You would think that with two double strollers full of cute babies people would make a fuss. However, all of the fuss was made over this little guy. So much so that I got a bit over whelmed and almost don't want to take him back out in public... I jokingly told Salena that next time were gonna have to bring a pad of ink so we can stamp his paw and he can sign autographs... 

Drew, demonstrating what NOT to do with a cannon... 

Love their darling little faces :) 

There is so much more that I didn't capture, like the kids jumping on the beds like crazy and giggling their little selves breathless the first night, sitting on the beach snuggled in sweatshirts and enjoying good company (with a sleeping baby on my chest), and breakfast at the kitchen bar talking about all kinds of God stuff, seafood buffet dinner, four napping babies and an awesome game of settlers of caton in the afternoon plus take out lunch and funnel cake (yum!! and definitely the most relaxing part of our trip), delicious appetizers and coconut muffins at harpoon hanna's.... the list goes on. Needless to say it was a fun time and we are so thankful we got to do it! 


  1. Just wanted you to know I so enjoy your blog and all your stories and beautiful photographs! Glad you had a wonderful time kiddo.

    1. thank you thank you! I just want to let YOU know that I so appreciate all your encouragement and thoughtfulness!!!