Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Yost Family

LOVED doing their family photos for them again this winter. Kenneth is Shaun's cousin, and not only are we family, but we also used to be neighbors before they moved, and we are also friends. It is fun having so many different connections with them. 
I know that Kenneth was always a role model for Shaun growing up. And when Shaun and I first started dating we went on several double dates with Kenneth and Megan and I remember thinking how awesome it was that they would want to invest in us and spend time with us. We always have lots of fun and laughs when we are together. 
Their son Aiden is a little sweetheart. He is such a fun age to photograph... so many simple things can elicit smiles from an almost two year old. All I had to do was peek out from behind the camera and say "boo" to get some of these sweet smiles :) 

There were lots of lovely images capture today, but here are some favorites! 

love his bashful, ornery grin :) 

probably my favorite family photo of everyone looking from the day... 

 Never fails... Always love these blanket shots :) 

Dare I say this was THE favorite from the day?? If not number one all by itself it's definitely tied for first... 

Playing with a toy that used to be his daddy's. Love seeing his little hands next to Kenneth's. 

 Once you become parents it becomes more and more rare that you get photos of just the two of you without your little ones... But I think it's still important to do, so I've been trying to make a point to take "couples" photos at each shoot that I do if possible. 

To end the shoot we took a few shots in a beautiful field... Love how they came out! 

Ok, if that earlier photo is tied with another one, it's this one. LOVE the composition and expressions!! 

I had a great time doing your photos, guys! Thanks for asking me to do them, and thank you for being such a thoughtful, steadfast, caring couple. You mean so much to us! 

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