Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So, this is probably not going to be the post you are expecting based on the title. And it's surely not the post I originally intended on writing...

This morning was the last session of my Bible Study (that I love SO very much!) on the Christian Home. The topic was organization, and I was so excited for it. I am not a naturally organized person by nature but have been finding freedom and less stress in forcing myself to become that way, and the more I do it the more I love it, and I am finding that after much self-discipline and thinking that I wouldn't enjoy it, I now have a beautiful addiction to order that is taking over both my person and my home! Hallelujah!

Ok, so I was planning this pretty, informative, motivational post on organization, what works for me, tips I learned from class today... And on my way to my car I was divinely intervened from writing said post, and instead, I bring to you a real-life, unorganized example of who I really am....

K, let's dive in. So there are classes for children at this Bible study (that I love so much! Did I already say that?), and nursery for younger ones. Drew is finally doing really well in his class, not crying when I leave him, and starting to enjoy it. Isaiah.... not so much. He starts to cry as soon as we walk down the hallway at the very sight of the nursery... He typically lasts about 15-20 minutes before they have to call me to come get him due to excessive crying. A little more backstory... My hands always seem to be incredibly full as I walk into Bible study, even more so as I leave, and this is an important piece of information for today's little anecdote.

Today I took Isaiah with me for breakfast and worship and didn't leave him in nursery until class time so that I would hopefully to able to concentrate and actually take some notes... and what a blessing, he actually stayed in nursery the whole class time! So I sat in sweet oblivion soaking up every bit of organizational advice and planning my original post... I left quite motivated and excited, carrying my coat, purse and binder, headed to the nursery where I then picked up Isaiah and his diaper bag, and ended my rounds picked up Drew and a stack of crafts he had made this morning. So picture VERY FULL hands, navigating steps and getting out the door directing Drew but unable to hold his hand, telling him over and over as we cross the parking lot "stay right behind me! stay really close to mommy! don't get too far away from me!" my fingers and thumb trying desperately to hang onto a very slippery binder but starting to cramp up, Isaiah slowly sliding down my hip, and then add to that a very windy day, my hair whipping around my face so I can't quite see very well, and one of the not-quite-dry-yet-glued-together-crafts coming apart and blowing across the parking lot all on my way to my car. Just as I reach the car and send a quick, thankful flare prayer up to heaven that I didn't drop the baby, I hear someone calling me and I turn around to see Luann (one of the leaders of the Bible study) coming across the parking lot holding up Isaiah's sippy cup that I somehow managed to forget, and I have no idea how, because, it's not like a had a million other things occupying every inch of my hands and arms.... So she reaches me just as I am dropping my binder and diaper bag on the ground and fumbling blindly through my purse trying to find my keys, and I am thanking her for bringing me the sippy cup and trying to get the car unlocked and finally manage to do so... So I plunk Drew in the driver's seat while still talking to Luann about I don't know what and thinking the whole time how I really need to get the back door of the car opened asap so Isaiah makes it into his car seat without being dropped on the pavement. So we wrap up the conversation, and unbeknownst to me Drew is still following my prior instructions about being my little shadow and has climbed out of the driver's seat to stand right behind me again. And Luann starts to walk away and calls out "Merry Christmas!" to which I reply "Merry Christmas!" as I fling open the back door of the car............. AND whack my poor, sweet, unsuspecting little Drew right in the head and send him sprawling across the parking lot. OH. MY. WORD. I can still see the look of shock, surprise, and "oh my goodness did that really just happen??!!?" written all over Luann's face.

So Luann gathers Drew up as I throw my purse, coat, and Isaiah into the car and shut the door and turn to take Drew in my arms.... And all I can do is laugh hysterically. WHY AM I LAUGHING??!! What is wrong with me??! I should be appalled that I just hit my child upside the head with the car door and that my life looks like it is falling apart in a church parking lot and all I can do is laugh so hard I am crying. And I'm thinking "Luann has got to think I'm losing it, and that I am certainly unfit to be a mother..."

The whole way driving home I kept alternately telling Drew how sorry I was and having laughing attacks that made me think maybe I should pull over because tears of laughter were beginning to blur my vision.... I texted Luann to tell her thanks for her help and that I hoped we were amusing... We both agreed that every time we say "Merry Christmas" for the next few weeks we might then have to deal with the wave of hysterical laughter that overtakes us as we re-envision that scene in the parking lot. We also agreed that if you don't laugh at moments like these (that apparently don't just happen to me) we will go crazy. So might as well laugh. (p.s. Drew's head is fine...)

SO. What did I learn from this experience? Well, first, in the future I am going to locate my keys and put them in my pocket BEFORE picking up my children from their classes. Secondly, I am going to start bringing Drew's little back pack that he can carry his crafts out to the car in. And thirdly, I am going to try to bring a purse that my book or binder fits into so I have one less thing to carry. So I think I did get something out of organizational week at Bible study after all...

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!" (bahahahahahahahahaaha!!!!!!! )

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