Monday, December 10, 2012

for the love of chocolate bridal shower

Yesterday we kicked off Darren and Steph's wedding festivities with a chocolate themed bridal shower. Her wedding colors are chocolate brown and gold. So we played off of that and had lots of fun with it :) 

Below are her invitations, made by my sister (she has an etsy shop now!) 

We had a fun girls night making these yarn chandeliers... (Thank you Randi, Emily & MIranda!!) We actually made about nine of them but only two were sturdy enough to last until the shower. I think our glue to water ratio may have been a bit off... eh hem. 
Anyway,  I wrapped some styrofoam balls in yarn then too to fill it out a bit. 

I also collected glass bottles and jars and peeled their labels off and then decorated them with lace, twine, leftover yarn, gold spray paint, and ric rac ribbon. (The bottles consisted of a syrup bottle, wine bottle, rootbeer bottle, and several mason jars of various sizes)

I found the gold branches at Michael's, and am so happy I picked them up. They added just the right amount of sparkle :) 

The little white tulips my mom found the day before the shower, they were so adorable :) 

So, with a chocolate themed shower, off course there was lots of CHOCOLATE!! :) 

Oreo truffles, made by my sister. 

Food table... Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate eclair cake, (both made by Rita!) oreo truffles, and then, to round things out, a veggie platter and chips with the most delicious dip ever (thank you emily!)

Last but not least... the chocolate fondue fountain! (Thank you Deanna for letting me borrow this!) 
We used cut up strawberries, bananas, cinnamon and sugar pita chips, pretzels and marshmallows for dipping :)

Miranda made cards to write blessings over the couple and marriage advice on. 

She also made an awesome pink punch called love potion! :) 

Below: my partners in crime. And our dj, Randi. (Bethel's loft session was playing in the background)

Fondue Sampling! 

The Bride, about to open her gifts! 

The bride with her two of her maids :) 

The bride to be with her soon to be mother in law. 

Love love love this candid of all these lovely ladies laughing... :) 

Beautiful ribbon bouquet! 

We ended the shower with a time of prayer over Steph (and Darren, by extension) and their future marriage and the time leading up to the wedding. It was beautiful and the perfect way to end the evening. 

Then we took more pictures before we cleaned up :) 

So... the order of the shower went: 

Blessing of the food
Enjoying all the chocolates and other good things!
(During this whole time people were working on their advice cards and also on the KPT- Kauffman Petrucci Test- provided by emily.)
Opening Gifts (and super fun and entertaining commentary by Steph throughout the process)
Answers to the KPT and awarding of the prizes
Time of prayer over Steph.

And I would be leaving out one of the highlights of the day (for me at least) if I didn't mention the fact that when I arrived at the church to start setting up for the shower I somehow set the alarm off. I was all by myself and sirens were going off all through the building, I was frantically running back out to my car to call Shaun to figure out how to turn them off, thought I had managed to do so and started to walk out to the lobby and apparently set off the motion detector and was  blasted with the alarm all over again... Called Shaun's dad and kept getting cut off because he was driving... and I may or may not have been super close to tears and scared to death that the police were going to show up when I finally figured out how to turn the alarm off. Made for a fun beginning to setting up.... very memorable anyway. :)

Oh... and when I got home from the shower (after my boys feasted on leftover chocolate fondue) I started unpacking decorations and playing around with some of them, trying them out here and there... some of the jars might have found a new home in my bathroom :) I have all sorts of inspiration running through my head for how to finally finish this room that I painted the month we moved in but still have not decorated because nothing I've tried has really felt "right"... When it's all finished I'll post more photos :) 

Anyway, all that to say, Steph- I hope you were so blessed and felt so loved, we enjoyed every second of working on your shower and it was a beautiful time. I seriously CAN NOT WAIT for your wedding!!! It is going to be soooooo fun!!!! 

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