Thursday, May 15, 2014

An anniversary gift photo shoot

Melissa & Greg are brother and sister, and for their parents' anniversary they got pictures taken of their families together. Melissa & Jon have two sweet baby girls, McKenna & Lily. They have the most insanely blue eyes and are so cute!! They love their cousin Shaun, and it was so fun to photograph the three of them together in a few of these. We did some of the whole group, and then split up and took some of just Greg & Sherri and Shaun, and some of just Melissa and Jon's family too. Beyond the posed-everybody-look-and-smile-photos I love working with Melissa because she is a big believer in candid moments (as am I!!) and I just love the moments I was able to capture of them all playing together too :) 

Here are some favorites!! 

 Love this one of Greg and Sherri on the gazebo steps. :)

Oh my gosh, the two below of McKenna and Lily are too precious!

Cousin Time!!

The one below is out of this world adorable!!

The adults together:

Everybody playing:)

And ending with my very favorite :)

Thank you guys for having me take these photos for you, I hope you had a great time and that your parents will love these!!! You all were so fun and easy to work with :) 

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