Friday, May 9, 2014

The Hartranft Family

The only photo shoot giveaway I've ever done was through Cotton & Cashemere's facebook page (a great page full of beautiful fashion, inspirational quotes, and helpful tips- you should go and like it if you haven't already) and Jen Hartranft won the giveaway. After some back and forth we decided to wait to do the shoot until the adoption process of their youngest son, Daniel, was complete. Well I am happy to say, Daniel is officially part of their family now and we were finally able to do the shoot. Jen, Joey, Jordan, Alex, Anna & Daniel were so much fun to be around, their kids all have great personality and spunk and their girls were bursting with ideas and input for our pictures which made it so much fun. :) 

The whole way to our location it was pouring rain on me and I wondered if I was crazy to still attempt to have our session... But I've never canceled a shoot for rain yet and we really didn't have a back up date so we pushed on. As I went through the last light before my turn the rain suddenly stopped. When I got out of my truck at Cherry Hill orchard this is what I saw. You know it's going to be a good night when you get an image like this and haven't even actually started the shoot yet. :) I could literally see it raining around us, but it never rained on us and just as we finished up the sun burst through the clouds. It was a bit squishy and muddy in the orchard from all the rain we'd had the day before, but they were great sports and sloshed around in it with me anyway. :) 

Here are my favorites from their session: 

After a few posed, smiling pictures I told them just to play and have fun together.. They immediately burst into song and were all smiling and singing and doing hand motions together... I loved what I was able to capture during those candid moments :) 

Anna's foot pop is just the cutest thing ever :) 

Kisses for Daniel :) 

The following image makes me catch my breath at the precious, tender way of a mother with her son.

It was the coolest thing watching Jordan and Daniel interacting together. They were truly meant to be brothers. 

 Beautiful Alex and Anna. :) 

I just love the two below... I told the kids they could have fun, make silly faces and laugh together... they did a great job :) 

I love Daniel's out stretched hands in the one below, like "here we are!!" 

And a few of just Jen and Joey.

I was so blessed by spending an evening with your family in all those flowering trees... I hope these images bring back all the laughter you shared that evening and will be great memories for years to come. 

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  1. These are amazing Jessi! Love how you captured our moments, the serious and the silly :)