Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Murray Family

I LOVE getting to take photos for my cousin David's family. I say this every time, but they were some of the earliest to believe in me and give me a chance at a family portrait session. They are so good at carving out time to make sure they have updated family photos about every six months. While there is one shot they like to get each time of the four of them walking away together holding hands, beyond that it is a fun challenge that pushes me to come up with creative ideas, unique angles, and new shots each time. We have taken their photos at an ice cream shop, at their house, in a local park, by a creek, and now with a vintage truck :) This truck belongs to a friend of theirs who very kindly let us use his property for their photos. As always, we had a blast. I was on the ground laughing so hard I was crying at one point. :)
(If you'd like to see past sessions of theirs you can see them here, here and here. The first was done before I was blogging)

There are so many more great images, but I'm sharing a few of my favorites here today: 

I absolutely love the two below of Noah & Ethan sitting in the driver's seat. Love that you can see the sky and trees reflected in the windshield. :)

"M" is for Murray! :)

There was a giant orange ball the boys were playing with and rolling down the hill during the shoot... As Ethan ran in front of the ball he headed straight for his mama and I caught this shot when she scooped him up in her arms. Ever so slightly out of focus, but honestly it just captures the movement of the moment for me and makes it all the sweeter :)

Love these two below!! A mama's gentle love, a daddy's playful love :)

Look who's got the wheel! Hang on boys!!

And a few off just Dave and Shirley together.

This is what makes candids so great, you capture expressions you can hardly get when people are posing. Dave turned to say something to one of the boys and I just love both of their expressions.

And here's the traditional shot for this session!! :)

One of the neighbors of the family that owned the truck had this beautiful brick bridge as a part of their driveway. Love this shot :) 

And all the action and expression going on in the one below... love it :) 

I always seem to get a priceless photo of Noah holding either his Mommy or Daddy's hand. Love this of him and Shirley walking together.

This barn was also right down the street from where we started out. This one is my favorite, Dave and Shirley kissing, Noah and Ethan making muscles in front of them :)
 The sun was just starting to go down behind them when we shot this, I love the big rustic barn and the fresh green of spring with the setting sun and their family cozied up right in the middle of it all. 

And the one below. Probably my very favorite. Noah and Ethan were playing and running again and I looked over and saw Shirley standing there just taking it all in, watching her boys, the sun coming in so beautifully behind her, and click. The moment was frozen forever. It speaks so much to me being a mom of little boys too... her expression says it all. They might not even notice the way we are always there, always on the sidelines, sometimes silent, sometimes cheering, watching, taking it all in. But always, always there watching them. 

Last but not least, Family Forever No Matter What. :)

Love you guys, can't wait to get you the whole cd so you can see the rest, but I hope you enjoy these for now!! :) 

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